Holidays are here

Making progress in my swimming classes but I am in no danger of qualifying for the Olympics anytime soon 🀣 I am sure you are wondering how things get done when I spend my time lounging in the pool and chatting by the coffee machine at work.

Yup, it’s Cat. She diligently attends workshops, sits through lecture recordings and walks on the keyboard to finish my mess of an assignment. Now you know who wears the πŸ‘– in the family. If Cat attends enough workshops, I’ll seriously consider applying an honorary degree for her πŸŽ“

Cat at work

Easter weekend’s here, can’t wait to get started!!! Still no plans of what to do or where to go but not too stressed about it, there’s always more homework waiting to be done.

Enjoy the looooooong weekend and go easy on theπŸ₯š


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