Back to the grind

I am over the holidays and everything else that I was so caught up in last week, now it’s study time. Given that Cat is busy with her Vet visits, I am having to fix the assignments myself and I even have to sit through the lectures alone šŸ˜µ

She’ll be ok by next week, just a few trips more. She endures them with perfect poise as long as you do don’t mention the ‘F’ word around her. And by that, I mean ‘Fat’. #BossCat

I should be ok with the assignments, mostly because the teams I am in, are totally awesome. I do my part and that’s it. I am not expected to carry deadweights or pick up their slacks. It makes life so much easier!!! Not that I have anything else to do with my time. I just sit there, staring at the huge shirtless poster of Channing Tatum in my room, wondering why did I even get it in the first place?

No, that’s not what goes on in my mind but moving on… šŸ˜‹ I am getting things done on time and slowly the exam stress is starting to creep up on me. Don’t want a repeat of last sem and not sure what to do.

Keeping my mind out of the gutter and in the books (not the one from last week)


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