Dear Dreamer

This is an excerpt of my made-up diary:

Dear Dreamer,

Did you really think that you would become a University of Melbourne blogger? You put it out there into the universe, and you did it. You’re an official blogger for ‘The First Year Diaries’, you should be proud of yourself.

Did you really think that you would become a writer? Well, you are what you say you are, and you are most definitely a writer. Like Elizabeth Gilbert says, don’t put too much pressure onto your art, or you’ll stifle it.

Lately, I’ve had offers from two different schools to do casual relief teaching, and I’m so happy. It will keep me busy.

As for penpaling, the official program may give me a few new penpals, which is great because I have a pile of cute little snail mail packages, all ready to be sent out to people around Melbourne.

I just sewed another kawaii cloud pillow, I have two now, one I will give to my penpal.

Apart from that, school holidays were pretty quiet, although a few things did happen to call me away from writing this post-holiday blog.

Until next time, take it easy.


Currently listening to: Jai-Jagdeesh ⋄ Kundalini Yoga ⋄ Mantra’s and shabads ⋄ Sanskrit Tradition

With love,

Raspberry & Rocks

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