Somber effect

Cat’s trip to the doctor’s will continue for a while, glad that she is finally getting the right treatment and I can afford them! Took me a very long time to get both for her. I totally ♥️ my job

Her health hasn’t affected her interest in the studies in the least and she is back to being cross with me for messing up the assignments. That’s when she’s not hissing at me for pricking her with needles or changing her food. #BossCat

I am keeping up with the deadlines and showing up wherever I must. It has come at the cost of human relations and interactions, and I have barely spoken to anyone at uni more than is necessary. It’s not because I am a snob, there’s just too much going on for me 😫

Meanwhile, swimming lessons are back after the break and happy to report I haven’t drowned yet 😝

Enjoy the rains, hope for sunshine.


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