Gotta make it through

If your are looking for something cheerful, feel free to skip this post. Things are pretty grim right now, the total number covid deaths in the extended family this month is now 2 and to top it, I have a test next week 😟

Not that I am diving deep into depression and flicking off studies but got nothing to celebrate either. Thought reading romances will cheer me up, but it just makes me feel more lonely and sad 💔 Can’t remember the last time I went on a date and people cozying-up for no reason just makes me sulk like a hulk 🤢

On the plus side, I haven’t shutdown completely and can still function, cleared all the backlogs from past weeks and on to preparing for the test. Even got comfortable with Cat’s injection routines and have stopped crying every time I have to be a prick, quite literally 🤣 Her health has improved, at least I would like to think so. Will know for sure after all her tests are complete.

Things sound bad but trust me, I have seen worse, far worse. As long I got my job and I can pay the bills, we’ll be alright 😁
The silver lining in the cloud is definitely the swimming lessons and I can now actually swim without support! I think I got myself a new hobby.

Soldier on.


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