2 down, 2 to go

Just finished my first exam of the season 😁 The auto marks in canvas were a measly 31.75 out of 120 and my first reaction at seeing them was flight mode – sell the car, pack up and move to Antarctica. But then, there was a shinning * in the end that said ‘some questions are yet to be marked’… Still some hope for me πŸ˜† I am not greedy with the marks at all! I am just looking for enough to get me into my dream job without an interview. If I am lucky, even a ‘P’ might do the trick πŸ˜‰

I would have wished you guys for the exams earlier but I was too busy covering my own πŸ‘ HadΒ the ‘First Day, First Show’ seat in the exam hall, wouldn’t miss it for the world 😝 And while I was fretting over it, no points for guessing who was the cool Cat πŸ™„ #BossCat

Exams, meh!

I have another one the day after tomorrow and then a week of respite. Best of luck to you guys and hope we come out of it without much brain damage πŸ‘



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