EEG volunteer experience

I am honored that I can contribute my EEG information to the development of neuroscience, although this experiment took me 3 hours. The happiest thing is that I got a $30 voucher:)

As a psychological student, it is easy to find experimental recruitment information on a website called REP. So some of the experiments will offer some benefits like a voucher or subject credits. But for psychological students, nothing is more interesting than participating in the experiment itself and observing their EEG in a lab. Also, you can communicate with researchers, if you are interested in what kind of study they are conducting.

However, your hair may be covered with glue. And most experiments are strict with subjects. You cannot move your body and head during the experiment. And you may boring and sleepy with boring and repetitive experimental content like giving a response to some images and clicking the button. But experimenters who record data tend to be more tired and dull.

Anyway, I encourage you to make some money from being volunteers in experiments. And some experiments may only ask you to participate online and will not take a lot of time. So you can choose whatever you want to try on the REP website.





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