Week 7: Application Anxiety

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I survived the shenanigans of Week 6 🥳!

Updates from last week – I went and thoroughly enjoyed the club event – Save the Children and Film Society’s Movie Night at Arts West’s Interactive Cinema Space! It was a fundraiser for Save the Children’s Ukraine Relief fund, where Ukrainian film “Lethal Kittens” was screened. Although the film was slightly confusing with lots (I mean LOTS) of Ukraine-based folklore, I appreciated the free pizza (yum yum) and the efforts from both clubs!! It was slightly daunting at first as most people came in groups but I was able to speak to a few new faces and learn more about both clubs!

My sleep schedule is still as messed up as before so really got to fix that this week – quite desperate for a mid-semester break right now – Week 7 seems to be just as chaotic for me with 2 MSTs and an assignment due (very funnnn) 💀

Majority of Masters applications were also due this week and GRRR not feeling great about them tbh! Mainly worried about not getting accepted or not knowing whether its right for me… I do feel kind of in a pickle with future career plans as there are so many options and I can be a very indecisive person at times, but I guess it is a part of life that everyone has to face at some point! There’s only so much I can do so just gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best – good luck to everyone in a similar spot, you’ve got this 🙏!

Something I am looking forward to this week though, is the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival)!! For those who have not heard of it before, it’s a Chinese tradition where family members gather together to drink tea and eat mooncakes (truly tasty lil thangs, I recommend the flavours red bean or yam for beginners) and that’s about i- just kidding, there’s a really cool tale behind the festival so do read up about it if you’re curious! I remember playing with lanterns on the festival as a child – it was probably more fun than eating mooncakes at the time, but now that I’m legally considered an adult, the judgement is real if I keep the lantern thing up XD

As this week is pretty intense, I thought my challenge for this week could be meeting up with friends for a study session!! I definitely need to get on top of my unwatched lectures and what better way than to do it while catching up with familiar faces?

snapshot of week 6!

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  1. Hooray for free pizza! Best of luck with your applications – you can do this. I love that you’re getting together with friends to study. Take care and hope you can prioritise some sleep.

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