Clubs are the best way to make friends

I’ve joined so many clubs at university and it’s literally saved my post-covid loneliness!

So many clubs plan weekly meetups (sometimes even involving free food!!! Who could say no to that?) and it’s such an amazing way to meet likeminded people and friends! I’ve joined a couple of club committees it’s been so nice to just talk to people again!!

It’s also an amazing way to find new opportunities! It’s so important to network and chat with people over lunch! I know a lot of us undergraduates find the task of finding internships and job opportunities extremely daunting, but so many of these opportunities actually travel by word of mouth. Besides, it never hurts to make a new friend over a couple of coffee!

Joining a club has been the best thing ever! Making friends is the best part of uni life and I highly recommend this to everyone!!

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