Science Case Competition

I got my badge on Badgr!!

You may ask what a Badgr is. So Badgr is the University’s digital credentialing platform. Once you set up an account you will have permanent access to your digital credentials, even after you graduate.

So you may still be confused with what the badge on Badgr can show.Once you complete an activity, your Melbourne Plus digital credential will be stored through a badge on Badgr.

I got my badge from attending Science Case Competition, which is a dual delivery event, with each workshop and presentation taking place in person and online. My group members and I worked in teams to pitch a solution to the Case identified by The Dirt Company. Our team was selected for progression to Heats! We made a presentation for our solutions. Unfortunately, we did not pass the Final Judges. But we stilled enjoyed free pizza together heheh.

I am honored to be able to complete this activity with some unfamiliar but friendly team members. In this activity, I have gained a lot of friends, and I have also felt everyone’s rigorous attitude towards a task. My role was to brainstorm my topics and keep refining our solutions to make them implementable and creative. In the process, we collected a lot of data and opinions from the general public. We hope to have a science-based solution. I realized that everyday items are often the products that consume the most or waste plastic the most, so we finally settled on working with supermarkets to recycle plastic packaging.

What I learned from this situation was I have to learn more about the needs of each partner so that they will have a stronger incentive to cooperate with our actions. The biggest challenge I faced was when I was giving presentations, I didn’t have the confidence to explain our action plan to everyone. I was reading more because I didn’t prepare enough. I felt most of the time, I only try when I’m sure I can succeed, but I should try my best first.

Anyway, come for your onw badges on Badgr next time!!








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