Week 8 & Mid-Sem Break: Let the Games Begin

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Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while >v< How has everyone been?

I’m feeling beyond ecstatic knowing that mid-sem break is just round the corner! It has been an eventful week for me, filled with finishing assessments, connecting with family, awkward times on campus…where shall we begin?

My week started off slightly rough – my sugar-fuelled brain mixed up the time of my Monday practical, so I ended up at the anatomy lab at 9:30am instead of 1pm (big ick). It got better from there though – I managed to somehow meet a classmate I knew in first year in the very same class! It did not click until we saw each other’s names during the classic social media add (post-acquainting ofc), and I know it doesn’t sound like much but it really did feel like this spiderman meme at the time!!

After writing about the Mooncake Festival in my last entry, I was thrilled to discover that there would be a celebration at the university on the same day! I had celebrated the festival with family over the weekend but there can never be too much celebrating (●’◡’●)! This was probably the highlight of my week – it felt somewhat heart-warming yet nostalgic to see so many people immersed in the blend of cultures, music, food and company~ The mooncakes were perfect and so were the activities, with Vietnamese face-painting being my personal favourite!!

I finished a number of assessments by Thursday, and really enjoyed my Psychology prac on Friday! The focus of the class was young adulthood, where we discussed Havighurt’s Developmental Tasks for Young Adults (idk why, but it kind of sounds like Hogwarts textbook). I thought it was super interesting, particularly how a large majority of tasks remain applicable to young adults in this day and age, despite the vast differences in time and context. It also got me wondering if and how might the pandemic may have changed these standards for us nowadays – have we started living with a greater sense of urgency and appreciation due to the recent influx of changes, or have we collectively lowered our expectations for the future as a result?

AAAnywho~ with break coming up, I thought my challenge for Week 9/break could be slightly relaxing – picking up a new hobby!! It would be a great pause from uni, and fun to try out things I have never attempted before – looking forward to it!

That’s it from me so far – all the best for Week 9 as we get ready to kick into (our MUCH-deserved) break period!!

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One thought on “Week 8 & Mid-Sem Break: Let the Games Begin

  1. How lovely to meet an old classmate – I love when this happens. I think you’re right – so many of these ‘developmental tasks’ are timeless. Enjoy the change of pace this week!

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