Hi! I’m Amy!

Hey everyone! My name is Amy (one of many you’ll likely meet, no, seriously, there are like a million Amy’s here at uni). Nice to meet you all 🙂 This is going to be an introduction of sorts and a get to know me. Let’s get all the boring (or not so boring) facts out of the way. I’m studying a Bachelor of Science with the intention of majoring in Data Science. The subjects I’m taking in my first year include Today’s Science, Tomorrow’s World (a compulsory subject for all first year science students), Calculus 2, Foundations of Computing, and as a breadth I’m taking Accounting Reports and Analysis. A little side note is that my best subject in high school was English literature. So you never really know where life can take you!

I’m from New Zealand, and no, I’m not your typical Auckland girl, I’m from Wellington. Shout out to all those from Wellington, we are a rare species here in Melbourne. Woop, woop!!! I have moved out of home and am currently living in a Residential College.

And now for all the fun stuff!!! As for my interests, I love playing and participating in sports. These include golf, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, basketball, to name a few. Honestly, I just love the spirit and energy of being in a team, it’s a blast.

Other than sports, I love to binge K-dramas and anime. So any suggestions in the comments would be more than welcome 😉 I also stan many K-pop groups with my ultimate group being Twice.

Also, I’ll just quickly add that if you love cats, llamas, whales, turtles or ducks, then you have great taste in the animals that you love.

That’s it from me for my first blog post, but there will be many more posts about many other topics that will hopefully either be funny or interesting or informative!

See you in the next blog post!

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