Deep dive into Andiland

Greetings from Hogwarts! This is from one of the Ravenclaw recruits this year. Well, not really. The Hat told me that I should be at Hufflepuff because my best quality is clearly being compassionate towards others. Should I listen to The Hat or follow my own heart? Isn’t that the reoccurring question we ask ourselves every day, trying to find our way through this chaos we call life?

All jokes aside, I am happy to be here, where I can trim my skills and make mistakes as many as needed. Being a student after so many years of full-time working is not only a change of lifestyle, but also a chance to take pause and look at my life from a different angel. It’s not a choice many would make, and I am both terrified and excited to find out what will happen next.

So, a little more about myself (I’m trying to not over-share here). I was born and raised in China and I used to have my life painted for me. I was told to be a good student, to find a steady job, to marry a decent man and to float through life. It’s not a terrible way to live, but it always feels wrong to me. Then I heard this saying from a movie, “Floating is for boats, not people.” And it resonated with me on every level. Life should be lived with passion and enlightenment, not just earthly tasks to kill our precious time.

Then, here I am! Learning arts! This is probably the first time for me to listen to my heart instead of my head, and the joy it brought is quite surprising. Come share this joy with me on campus one day, but be very careful! Because this is only the beginning and still could be full of twists. Is your heart beating as fast as mine? I can’t wait!

Phew, that’s a lot of information, even for a blabber like me. Let’s take a deep breath and let me just calm down. Slowly but surely: all shall be revealed!

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