hello !! I’m Amity :)

Hi !! My first blog post of the semester and I’m writing it because I don’t want to work on my actual assignments- haha. Anyone who said doing an Arts degree is easy was probably right but it sure doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

Not really sure how to start introducing myself. I’m sure if we run into each other you’ll recognize me since I’ve never met another Amity, and I have a very strong American accent. (It’s really awful, I’m sorry) I went to high-school in New York so now I sound like I was born & raised there. For better or for worse. I’m staying at one of the colleges on campus right now since my family lives back in New York, which has been a really great experience so far. I’ve been doing my best to explore Melbourne in my free time, which has mostly just been late night snack runs in the CBD, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My friends and I are paying each other in soft serves and fries from McDonald’s.

Right now I’m studying a BA majoring in Creative Writing and Linguistics so if my blog posts are poorly written its extra embarrassing for me- but I’ve never claimed to be a good writer, I was hoping the degree would make me a little better at it :)) Although I’ve already had two people tell me my linguistics degree will never get me a job so we’ll see how that works out. I think that means I have to thrive out of pure spite. Right now I’m taking Language, Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice, Arts Discovery and Principles of Marketing. I was NOT aware marketing was a commerce class when I enrolled, I thought it was a psych class. I’m hoping to do a masters in library sciences or screenwriting but three years is a long time and when I was a freshman in high-school I thought I wanted to be a homicide detective so things can definitely change! Maybe I’ll transfer into Ag-science!

Unsurprisingly, I love reading and writing. I also adore listening to music, if anyone is a Blink-182/Set to Stun fan our wedding is next week. I have it all planned you just need to show up. I also love fashion and food, two things that obviously go hand in hand. They both start with ‘f’ and that’s good enough for me. I do have a ton of clothes which was a pain moving into college and will be a pain moving out. If anyone wants to help me move it all out at the end of the year or the mid-sem break, I can pay you in cheap chocolate and gratitude.

I signed up to be a part of this blog because I’ve already embarrassed myself a million times over by being the idiot American who doesn’t understand Aussie culture so I thought maybe other people would get a laugh out of it too! I’m slowly learning the slang and how nobody here can seem to finish a whole word. I mean seriously, ‘arvo’?? Just say afternoon it’s like a two syllable difference you aren’t going to die.

That’s enough from me for now. See you next time!! And recommend this blog to your friends/family, they’ll enjoy it and the other first-years this semester are really lovely people. I’m sure you’ll love their blog posts as much as you (obviously) loved mine. 😉

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  1. I’m definitely not procrastinating by reading everybody’s blog posts. Also, I never connected the dots that “arvo” meant “afternoon”?????????

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