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Welcome to Melbourne Uni’s online journal of student experiences. The Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Diaries is comprised of a team of first year bloggers who post regular updates to keep us informed about their life as university students. Here you can find information and images about the day-to-day reality of being a uni student.

You’re also welcome to register on this site and add comments. You can use ‘comments’ to ask questions of the bloggers or to tell us about your own similar – or different – experiences.

Our student bloggers have free rein to describe their experiences in their own authentic voices, so the posts are not moderated for grammar, spelling, or general content. However we will keep an eye out in case there are any particularly inappropriate comments and moderate them as soon as we can. If an entry is ever edited, we will say so in the entry.

Keep in mind that our focus for this blog is on the authentic student experience of university life, rather than a forum for discussion of other topics. It’s not about selling the university experience, but about letting the readers know what uni life is really like, as experienced by a bunch of real live first year students.

All of the blog’s authors are currently in First Year – once they go on to Second Year and beyond, they become authors on our other blog, ‘Back For Seconds’ – check the blogroll for how to get there and follow their stories!

Please let us know if you wish to comment on anything on this site.

Thanks for your interest!

The Jaffy Diaries@UniMelb Team