1. First Year University (Benjamin)

    Hello everybody!   Hope everyone’s going well and that exams are going well, for both school and uni students 🙂  I am so excited to have finally finished, it’s so surreal.  It’s crazy to think that after all that work, sweat and lack of sleep, from the moment we are told, “Pens down please,” we […]

  2. Drawing to a close.. (Benjamin)

    Heya people! It’s been a while, I know.  Essentially the reason why I have not posted recently is due to the fact that I have been pretty busy, finishing off those last pesky assignments, and other fun* things.  I also realise I have used this excuse a lot.  Ah well 😀 I guess that’s the […]

  3. Serendipity (Benjamin)

    ∑±FOIHREQ ≥∞ !!! Sorry, you just startled me right there by clicking on that link and opening this blog.  I wasn’t quite ready for you yet as I was putting the finishing touches to a couple of things.  But anyway, hey!  I’m Ben’s brain, nice to meet you too. When I’m not busy thinking of […]

  4. Plodding along (Benjamin feat. David Guetta and Bowser)

    Greetings y’all! I am aware of the fact that this is a late blog, so apologies for that.  Have had plenty of assignments, Midsemester tests and work to entertain myself with lately (and when I say entertain, I mean that in the loosest sense possible :P). A few weeks ago now, I was lucky enough […]

  5. Musings of a First Year University Student (Benjamin)

    Hello there!  How are things everyone?  Well, Semester Two has well and truly begun with assignments, tests and study galore, which is rather frustrating seeing as the Olympics are on.  True, the reruns are on the tele at Union House but I haven’t really had the time.  Good to know that the MX doesn’t have […]

  6. Rocking and Rolling (Benjamin)

    Yo, Welcome back everyone, to uni, school and study.  It has been a good old break, but it really is good to jazz things up by getting into the swing of things.  The (four four) time to remember the purpose of our brain is now.  However, the best thing about uni is that it is […]

  7. 'Salvete amici' catus inquit (nimajneB) reflected in the x-axis

    Hey guys, The holidays are like artists in the fact that they are drawing to a close.  I’ll leave that one open to interpretation. Here are seven things I have learned in the past month: Fist pumping peoples’ glasses when they say cheers results in confused looks. Drinking directly from the tap may result in scalding […]

  8. What to do on holidays when sufficiently bored enough to do something, yet just ever so lazy that it is indeed an effort to leave the house (With Benjamin Ten Jam In)

    Like brushing your teeth, Captain Feathersword impersonations and Bieber Fever, the holidays are something that dominate a large part of our lives.  Although all of the following only happen a few times annually, they all must be given equal amounts of love lest we grow sick of the same routine.  And alas, it has come […]

  9. Sin 30 degrees of the way there feat. Dumbledore's Army (Ben 10)

    The following program is rated PG for Pretty Good.  It contains gratuitous use of the comparative and superlative and mild text scenes.  Channel Ben recommends that you read the following whilst wearing 3-D glasses in order that all the letters are colourful, and generally more aesthetically pleasing. Ahoy there me hearties!  How are we all […]

  10. Investigationing with Ben 10

    Hey guys!   How are we all going?  Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, I’ve been in the process of trying to improve my study techniques.  Whilst they aren’t perfect, they are certainly better than what they were, which I am happy about.  Things are beginning to click which is good, but there is […]

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