1. Become a First_year@UniMelb blogger!

    Welcome all first year UniMelb students!! We’d love you to contribute to the First_year@UniMelb Blog in 2016 Do you like to write? Do you want to help current & future students understand what uni is all about? Do you want to be part of an online community, sharing advice (and getting advice) about how to […]

  2. Freedom Has Come

    I can’t believe it that I have finished first year. I survived through the hard times. I survived through those last minute assignments. I survived through practical and written exams. I survived it all. I’m still amazeballs that I had made it. The feeling is truly rewarding, while trying not to have any negative thoughts […]

  3. And that's all from me… (Bella)

    Well folks, it has been an absolute pleasure sharing my adventures at uni with you this year. I feel like I am really in the swing of things now. With SWOTVAC nearing its end, so is my time on this blog! Here are some highlights of the semester… – Academic Skills workshops: these are really […]

  4. Week 12 Feels

    Holy bagebus! It’s going to be Week 12 tomorrow! AHHH!! This semester has crept me up a little, and has gone faster than what I expected it would be. Looking back from the start of semester two, I had gone through a lot, and I’m not sure whether it is more intense than Semester 1. […]

  5. A Musician's Sacrifice

    Making more time for something has one, or two sacrifices that needs to be cut out for the week. It is pretty common for some, or majority of musos, or for any one else in uni in general. For instance, not going to lectures (that are recorded), less time studying (and cramming every thing to […]

  6. Hang in there! (End of Week 11)

    Hey all! This is just a quick post amidst the final assessment and exam period to say good luck with your preparations! I will definitely write a more in depth post about my first year experience at uni after my final exams and assessments 🙂 I have one exam at the REB, one take-home and […]

  7. What I Have Learnt So Far

    Being a first year opens up a new chapter in life, and I have learnt a lot of things about uni and life in general. Such as.. 1. Things can get crazy You have no idea how it is hectic for first years. It’s like them saying, “Here’s all your assignments, readings, studying, practising, things […]

  8. Reflections

    This semester is looking pretty good so far. Yes, I have had some setbacks with not getting desired marks etc, but this has instilled in me a drive to perform better and an understanding of had work! Overall, I feel like I’m more at home at uni. I’m more confident now, making more friends and […]

  9. Week 9 Update (Muso's POV)

    Three quarters into semester two, annnddddd I’m struggling. I had many family commitments during the first few weeks into semester two. Then, things started to go down. I still kept up with my assignments, with improvements of having grades with H3 to even H2A in my written assignments, but not with Aural just quite yet; […]

  10. Week 9 Update

    Hi everyone, just a quick message to say sorry for the lack of posting by me, I have many assessments on at the moment! They all seem to be due at once… haha, but I’ll make it through. I hopefully will be making an update post during the mid-sem break about the pros and cons […]

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