Graduate student, overzealous cat-mom trying to put Cat through college.

  1. Back to the grind

    I am over the holidays and everything else that I was so caught up in last week, now it’s study time. Given that Cat is busy with her Vet visits, I am having to fix the assignments myself and I even have to sit through the lectures alone 😡 She’ll be ok by next week, […]

  2. Holidays are still here

    Yup, they are still here. Had the most amazing time last weekend doing nothing 😁 A much needed respite from the meetings and etc etc etc, you get the idea. The most complex decision I had to make was if I wanted to make cup noodles for lunch or stick to my burritos 🌯 Didn’t […]

  3. Holidays are here

    Making progress in my swimming classes but I am in no danger of qualifying for the Olympics anytime soon 🀣 I am sure you are wondering how things get done when I spend my time lounging in the pool and chatting by the coffee machine at work. Yup, it’s Cat. She diligently attends workshops, sits […]

  4. I did it!

    Yeah… I went to the Uni for the first time ever! Was soooooo stoked that I got lost and then had to ask my way around. It’s just as awesome in real life as it in pics. Found the map, with all the directions, on my way out πŸ˜† My swimming lesson was no less […]

  5. Take it easy

    Pockets are feeling a lot lighter after paying the fees for this semester but glad that Cat can continue her quest for knowledge 😁 For some reason, studies are not too stressful this time. I am not making lecture notes, going through recordings thrice a week till I am sick of it. Instead, focusing on […]

  6. Quite odd

    A steep deviation from my weekly post, but the occasion calls for it πŸ₯³ I received the results of my fee remission appeal and it has been rejected because they need medical proof of my being mentally affected by my sudden job loss and are not accepting that the changes were made in a day […]

  7. Finding favourites

    Yo! To all ya hard-workers and lazy-asses out there, Happy Labour Day, people πŸ₯³ and Happy International Women’s Day to nobody in particular. Just celebrate it, if you want to πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ•΄πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ I have a day-off at work, so I am totally celebrating it. Now sure how but will figure it out. I am also trying […]

  8. So it begins!

    Was feeling lucky that my work schedule had worked out to allow me enough time to relax and finish studies… until I saw the tutorials schedule with tracked attendance and participation, all in work hours πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈΒ  Can’t even drop the subject as it’s mandatory before the project next semester. Now I’ll have to accomplish double […]

  9. Cheers to new beginnings

    O-week in full swing !!! Me and Cat went to the Engineering orientation before work and took some cool pics at the photo booth. That’s me, looking all cute and excited and that’s Cat, with the ‘I won’t flunk this semester’ determination in her eyes. Sooooo looking forward to after-work in-person O-week events and meeting […]

  10. Lockup woes

    They are harder for me than most people as I don’t have a family here and I end up being locked up in my room, not seeing humans for days, sometimes weeks on end. Coupled with restrictions on food that doesn’t last a whole week, closed libraries, limited recreation, no outdoor exercise for a dozen […]

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