Graduate student, overzealous cat-mom trying to put Cat through college.

  1. Buckling up

    Not much Uni-related going on for me this week. Did not get selected for back-to-campus job I had applied for at Uni or the Grad internship with GSA, so not much involved in start of the year activities 🙅‍♀️ I’ll be attending the orientation sessions I can (online 🥴) Heard the on-campus ones gave students […]

  2. Back in Business

    Got Business subjects in my study plan and now there’s peace at home. No more 💩 where it shouldn’t be. I haven’t added them for the next sem and I guess the 🤮 hairballs will stop after I do. Still looking for cat-groomers, can’t find any around. There are plenty for dogs but none for […]

  3. Massive Mess

    So, could not see business subjects in the study plan due to admin issues. Cat has been very upset about it and threw a massive fit, refused to use the litterbox and puked all over the house until she was sick #BossCat Not very convenient to cleanup, especially early in the morning on workdays. But […]

  4. Double degrees

    We made it! Got the 💌 today. Now Cat can study all about business and I’ll type away in peace. I think it’s too early to get her a graduation robe. Barry’s one will fit her perfectly though. I’ll get it next week 😝 For now, I have to select subjects, set up the time table […]

  5. Back to work

    Still waiting for the offer letter for the Software with Business course, should be arriving anyday now 💌 It’s been a very happening week on personal front and while I huffed and puffed and pushed and shoved, Cat blissfully slept through it all, probably dreaming about leading teams on weekdays and chasing mice on weekends […]

  6. Settled in

    Holidays are over and everything that froze 🥶 last month is now comming back to life. I am moving from my holiday projects to attending virtual meetings and other stuff. Expenses are through the roof, thanks to the sale season 😝 and I wish somebody started a super program where I could get super contribution […]

  7. It’s finally here!

    Happy New Year, y’all 💃 Donno how you guys celebrated yours, but I have a lot of quirky NY traditions that kept me busy. I change something that I use everyday in the New Year to mark the occasion. Much cheaper and more meaningful than partying. Also, I spend the NYE either working or reading. This […]

  8. Countdown to the new year

    Can’t wait for the New Year to start! But that’s me every year, looking for a reason to partyayy 😝 While the year has been trying, challenging and tough for most, I found it a lot more kinder to me than the previous ones. Being unemployed for a while and struggling on NewStart, JobSeeker was […]

  9. Merry Christmas

    Have a joyful one – from me and Cat to you and yours 🥳 Everybody’s on a holiday and I guess, I should take one too and stop writing but I joined mid-year, so technically still a first year. Besides, I am not putting down my pen until told otherwise 😤😝😜 Apart from cooking fancy […]

  10. Happy Holidays

    Still not sure if I have passed or failed, had a turbulent semester and it shows on the report card. A lot of admin details are pending and that means, I’ll not know my results until all the kinks are smoothed out. But just to be on the safe side, I am using the holidays […]

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