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  1. Feels like Christmas

    Got the whole of next week off and some very pleasant surprises in this one. Does feel like a Christmas morning 🎁 session. So, it all started with an assignment submission gone wrong and me not having any backup. Nail-biting suspense later, I was allowed to resubmit it! Like seriously, how cool is that!!! I […]

  2. Not my first Rodeo

    This week’s been a rollercoaster – emotionally, academically and of course, me being me, monetarily 🤣 Made some tough calls, quite literally 🤪 and had some setbacks but so far, no regrets. Not really my first time handling losses in life. Withdrew from subjects that I found too tough, and that means Cat will now […]

  3. Canvassing the weekend

    After last week’s mayhem, this one seems pretty quiet. New week, new assignments, new deadlines and new headaches. Rang out the old ones. That’s all to say about it. Surprise! Found out that I have shrunk a size in the lockdowns and all my clothes fit the hangers better than me. Not rushing to the […]

  4. Mid term Madness

    It’s week 6 and the craziest one so far. Assignments are due but that’s not a problem for me. What’s giving me panic attacks is I have no background in some subjects and am learning everything right from the programming language it is written in, to the actual stuff they talk about in the lectures, […]

  5. My First Presentation – Finally done

    Day after Tomorrow dawned too early. No complaining, just saying. I was in a state half the day. The other half, preparing my presentation and figuring out ways of not making a fool of myself. When the moment finally arrived, I was much relaxed than I had expected, thanks to the live guitar pre-presentation session. […]

  6. My First Presentation!

    A lot’s been going on at Uni, even though I don’t attend the campus. Virtual is easier to manage because I don’t have to travel. Never been the one to dress extra special to classes, but attending workshops in PJs is unbeatable. I had a demo of my first presentation this evening and it wasn’t […]

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