I'm just your average cringey first year, here to spill the tea about being a Jaffy @ Unimelb.

  1. Dear Diary, what is Prosh?

    All my conversations lately look like this. Me: I’m doing Prosh Non-proshers: What is Prosh? And thus I launch into my explanation. So I thought, today for my blog, I’d talk about one of the greatest uni events I have discovered at Melbourne Uni. I’m going to go through a list of some of the […]


  2. Dear Diary, here’s my resume boosters

    Hey hey everyone! Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. Right now my life is like a cauldron and its brewing with 3 assignments per week, 20 contact hours and 12 hours of part-time work. Nevertheless, I’m here (finally) to discuss what I do in my spare time. But beware, this is […]


  3. Dear Diary, welcome to winter break!

    Hello everyone, Lia here, your resident SpiderPig. Congratulations! You made it through the first semester. Or if you’re starting mid-semester…. Congratulations! Welcome to Melbourne University! Today marks 4 days since the last day of exams and let me just say, thank god it’s over. However, that being said, I’ve been on holidays for two weeks […]


  4. Dear Diary, It’s Me

    Hey there fellow readers, I’m here to roll out the red carpet and introduce myself as one of the new first-year writers for the Jaffy Diaries. As my first semester of university is coming to a close, I figured that instead of buckling down and studying for exams, I would sit here and write a […]