1. Just Another F🌺ing First Year no longer

    Just finishing subject selection right now, only an hourish left to avoid that late fee.  So yeah Uni has taught me to be really organised… I’m kidding, hah hah.  I’m also really funny. Hah. h a    h 🍇 So I don’t really know what happens now with this blog because I mean, it is […]


  2. Last Exam tomorrow!

    Yay Less yay my roof is leaking again.  That storm we had a couple of days ago ripped right through, bit of ⚡️ and ⛈ next thing you know it’s just drippity dripping and waking me up at some godforsaken hour.  I mean it was only 6am but like not the ideal start to a […]


  3. It really is beautiful, all of it

    Thank you everyone in Melbourne, finally being able to see some of my extended family has been an absolute blessing these past couple of weeks.  How strange, the week my Grandma is able to come to dinner for the first time in a long time is the same week I can go to the pub […]


  4. Smith’s crinkle cut chips

    So I’m sitting in my room, listening to some angry guitars noise because there really isn’t a lot to do right now.  Honestly, what the hell was going on the in 70s and why did it stop.  See tonight’s listening for a fat riff, yodelling, whistling and a flute solo because, prog rock. Doing group […]


  5. 🌞 Furniture oil and drip paintings 🌞

    So, um, it’s October now.  Time flies when you’re having fun? Nihilism aside, I have to be honest, quarantine hasn’t been complete trash.  And you know I actually have had fun the past couple of days – furniture oil and drip paintings.  It’s kind of funny, I don’t feel very different or that much has […]


  6. Good book recommendations???

    Yes, yes, I know that there are already 8 books sitting next to my bed waiting to be read BUT *whispers* I want another one. So I’ve been reading this big old book for a while, and this is not to say I didn’t love it, but it took me a long time and I need […]


  7. Anyone out there?

    It’s late, my eyes itch, the assignment I pretended didn’t exist hasn’t disappeared and my pieces are not learning themselves.  But I did build a new veggie patch with my Dad today so that’s something.  I say built, but really there’s just a big, soon to be muddy, mess. Anyway.  The point is this page […]