• Michaela
  1. “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER” doesn’t work at the end of the semester!!! (MICHAELA)

    Hey fellas! Whatsupp! How’s your SWOTVAC week so far? Has it been nice? Well, I hope so! Cause a new week’s greeting us in a few …


  2. “SHUT-THE-YOU-KNOW-UP” on lectures! (MICHAELA)

      Okay, so this is a kinda funny experience with some moral lesson on it… You know, most lectures are super quiet as the topic can …


  3. It’s week 11, I know, but there’s nothing wrong with saying “He11o”! (MICHAELA)

    Hi people! Here comes your “super-late-first-year-blogger-who-even-missed-the-induction” :”) I know! I know! Not the best introduction yet first impression! But believe me, I got heaps of stories …