1. The end of the year (Raphael)

    Hi readers, I finished my exams four weeks ago, but have been so lazy since then that I haven’t made my planned end-of-year post yet! I wanted to write this post to wrap up how I felt about my year. There are so many different feelings I have had at different times over the last year regarding Uni, from […]


  2. Computer Science @ Unimelb (Raphael)

    Hi everyone, hope exams are going well for you all! For anyone interested in it, I thought I’d make a post to reflect on my study of Computer Science this year at Uni. It’s an area that really interests me and that I’ve really enjoyed learning about this year. A core part of Computer Science is […]


  3. Week 12!!! (Raphael)

    It’s week 12! Congratulations to all my fellow first years for making in this far for a second time, it’s certainly an achievement! This semester has been a whirlwind for me for different reasons than semester one, and while I started off better this time around and had a better idea of what to expect, […]


  4. Woah! Half way there! (And Elections) [Raphael]

    We’re half way through semester two! And while many of us may very well be “living on a prayer” that we won’t be swamped with assignments, I think us first years should be congratulated on making it this far, it’s certainly not a walk in the park! I’m feeling particularly tired at the end of this […]


  5. The day my future was open (Raphael)

    First of all, welcome back online everybody! We have been having a few technical difficulties here at First_Year@UniMelb but we’re glad to be back in functioning order. Hope to have more great posts for you soon! (Semester two has started, I’m sure there will be) I wanted to write a quick post today to acknowledge what […]


  6. My promises for Semester two (Raphael)

    Hi everyone, and welcome to semester two! The second half of the University year starts today, and we’re all revving up for a new timetable and new subjects that we will study for the next 12 weeks. I’ve been looking forward to this new start for a while now, ever since I got a bit […]


  7. UNIV10001: An introduction to University (Raphael)

    So you’re sitting at home, half way through Year 12 (well done by the way) and reading this blog to see what awaits you in the light at the end of the tunnel which is next year. But what’s a tutorial, you may ask? Why are we talking about so many letters like “LMS” and “H2A”? […]


  8. Hello from the other side (Adele) (Raphael)

    Hello everyone, do you still remember me? I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted for aggeeesssss but semester started to get crazy towards the end and things started to feel like the end of VCE all over again. Assignments were due, exams were looming (and happened) and I didn’t feel like I had the time […]


  9. So, how's the study going? (Raphael)

    I still find it ridiculously fantastic to be able to tell someone “yeah, I’m studying at Melbourne Uni at the moment;” it makes me feel so grown up! But “how is that study going at the moment?” you may ask. “How has the transition been, have you found a balance between University-level study and the […]


  10. A whole new world (Raphael)

    After the stress, intensity and closed environment of Year 12, the copious amounts of FUN which are offered in all forms at Uni present a very welcome change! As stated previously on this blog, UniMelb is a microcosm of activity, a city within a city, and a massive community to get involved in. There is always […]


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