1. Student accommodation in first year – do it!!!

    Hello friends, it’s been a while! Pretty much over two months – I do apologise. But I’m here to tell you guys something every up and coming first year should be made aware of. Now, full disclaimer, I understand that university accommodation isn’t within everyone’s price range. Some of the uni colleges are approx. $30 […]

  2. don’t worry, be happy

    There’s something that I want to use this platform for more than anything, something that is really important to me – opening up the discussion about mental health. As a high school student I both dreaded and yearned moving to uni and starting anew. I’d moved around a lot, so I wasn’t too keen on […]

  3. Screenwriting: the vaguest, most obscure course at the University of Melbourne

    Here it is folks, what you’ve all been waiting for – a guide to the most obscure course offered at the University of Melbourne! I wish I was joking.   When people ask what I’m studying, the reactions all vary. Some think it’s awesome – some ask me what on Earth screenwriting actually is. No […]

  4. Hello nerds

    Helloooooooo readers! My name is Sunnie, and I’m a first year student at the University of Melbourne. Gah!!! It sounds pretty awesome to say that.   In opposition to the mainstream UniMelb student, I am studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Southbank campus, majoring in Screenwriting. Yes! That is a thing you can […]