1. ChannelFluffy Episode 3: Banana (A.K.A the core subject you don’t like) Revolution! (Anita)

    No, you didn’t read it wrong and I’m not drunk. It’s banana revolution. I become a bunch of bananas. To avoid spoilers, I better stop my introduction here and let you watch the video. To be honest, I found uni is much more challenging than high school. We all know what we are going to […]

  2. ChannelFluffy Episode 2: My kendo experience! (Anita)

    Oh hello there! Sorry for the late update…I have been busy in the past few weeks. (Should probably make a video on what I have been doing after the exams!) Last weekend I was in Ballarat for the annual training camp of the University of Melbourne Kendo Club, so I think it will be great […]

  3. ChannelFluffy Episode 1: Let the Adventure Begin! (Anita)

    Greetings from Unimelb! (Lies, lies. But since this is the official Unimelb first year blog, hmmm I guess I’m not wrong) Hello there! My name is Anita and along with Kat and Tessa, I’m one of the first year bloggers for 2017. Like all the other bloggers have done, I would like to take this […]