1. Too warm for Christmas

    Hello there! Yes, yes I know. It feels like years since I last updated. Past two months have been insane! So much has happened and I don’t where to begin. Just kidding. Things were pretty ordinary. I got caught up with procrastination and it took me a while to wake up from the daze. My […]

  2. Ramblings of a night owl

      I live in Cheltenham and I have at least a painful 4 hours ride (to college and back) every day. Although I enjoy the view of lush green suburbs and striking street art covered walls through the journey, I’m growing numb to it. I mean, when you commute for a good 6 months like […]

  3. I can’t stress this enough

    Hunched upon my bed (terrible posture) at 10:41 p.m. in the night, I realized what I want to write about.   Stress. I’d like to think that I’m good at managing stress. But others refuse to agree. It’s debatable, okay? Life is an amalgamation of various sources of stress. I can’t explain how, but everything […]

  4. I’m not a journalist

    Hello sweet potatoes! Semester 2 has officially begun (three weeks ago, actually). Woo! I’m doing my Masters in Global Media Communication and my entire family and extended relatives believe I’m gonna be a journalist one day and appear on TV shows. Wha- I don’t try to correct them anymore. My family has zero idea about […]

  5. Decisions, decisions, decisions. \(º □ º l|l)/

        Well, I couldn’t get back soon as I had promised. I’ll admit, I was drowning in the sea called Assignments and it certainly wasn’t pleasant. Furthermore, my first winter here has been too kind, so I decided to go on hibernation for a week, occasionally responding to my mom’s messages letting her know I’m alive […]

  6. Potato says hi!

    I realized I’ve been staring at my laptop screen for a good 5 minutes wondering how to throw my introduction at you.     Anyways, call me Loey (say low-ee). ٩(◕‿◕)۶ My life’s pretty ordinary. Picture a broke international student.     I’m pursuing Master of Global Media Communication here at UniMelb, and Semester 1 […]