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  1. Happy 4th of July!

    Hi again everyone 🙂 I hope you’re all having a lovely time on break. I’m over in sunny New York where we currently have an air quality warning for the wildfires haha, still better than Melbourne winter. I’ve been thinking recently about changing my degree a little since I wasn’t really sure what I wanted […]

  2. Clubs are the best way to make friends

    I’ve joined so many clubs at university and it’s literally saved my post-covid loneliness! So many clubs plan weekly meetups (sometimes even involving free food!!! Who could say no to that?) and it’s such an amazing way to meet likeminded people and friends! I’ve joined a couple of club committees it’s been so nice to […]

  3. Week 7: Application Anxiety

    Now playing: Doris Day – Que Sera Sera ↺ |◁ II ▷| ♡   I survived the shenanigans of Week 6 🥳! Updates from last week – I went and thoroughly enjoyed the club event – Save the Children and Film Society’s Movie Night at Arts West’s Interactive Cinema Space! It was a fundraiser for […]

  4. What next?

    My last exam is tomorrow and then I’ll no longer be a doe-eyed fresher 🤩 Thought I’ll write my last post while I am still technically a first year. So, it’s been an amazing experience here, working with some amazing students and learning from such great professors…. yeah, now it’s sounding like a graduation speech. […]

  5. Pass or …

    Feels kinda weird with no one else posting anything, but I’ll do it anyways. Results haven’t been declared yet. I suppose it’s this week, not quite sure that I am out of the woods 🤞 The Career Bootcamp is half way through and the things I am learning are totally amazing. Also makes me realize […]

  6. Study another day

    With no lectures and tutorials this week, I am spending most of my time at the Career and Employability department (virtually, of course), picking their brains on resumes, jobs and internships. The number of times I have been there, I am sure I’ll get a job as their ‘Official Doorstopper’, if nothing else 😜 Not […]

  7. Formula H1 Racing

    I would have loved to have been a Formula 1 racing car driver, leaning into those curves around the sharp bends in the track and speeding along the straights. Instead, I became a lawyer and then a teacher. I’ve had a number of different jobs, sometimes after one contract ends, I feel like calling out […]

  8. Coming Home

    Lectures, Orientation Week, and student theatre – it’s was all online. It’s like the whole world took a massive Swot Vac and we had to learn the basics again. Everything was transported online, and almost overnight our same-same lives became very different. Studying at my new virtual learning hub – The University of Melbourne, feels […]

  9. Not my first Rodeo

    This week’s been a rollercoaster – emotionally, academically and of course, me being me, monetarily 🤣 Made some tough calls, quite literally 🤪 and had some setbacks but so far, no regrets. Not really my first time handling losses in life. Withdrew from subjects that I found too tough, and that means Cat will now […]

  10. Dear Diary, here’s my resume boosters

    Hey hey everyone! Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. Right now my life is like a cauldron and its brewing with 3 assignments per week, 20 contact hours and 12 hours of part-time work. Nevertheless, I’m here (finally) to discuss what I do in my spare time. But beware, this is […]

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