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  1. Monday Morning (Chris)

    Do you know what’s odd? I’ve finished this year, in many respects, in a similar way to how I started it. I’m tired, very much overworked, a little hung over, but full of nervous excitement. I might leave most of the reflection on how much has changed / stayed the same for another entry. What […]

  2. Picking Up the Pace (Johanna)

    Classes are over, and there is nothing that I have to think about anymore. It’s strange – one day after handing in my last assignment, I was laying on the couch thinking, “How am I going to handle moments like this where there is nothing pressing, nothing to be done?”. I suppose I’m used to […]

  3. FINISHED (Chris)

    Gee golly gosh, I don’t think I’ve had such a weight off my shoulders since I finished the HSC. All of my assessments are done, everything handed in to the best of my rushed-to-finish-do-tutors-really-care-about-word-count standard. I’m reasonably happy, but as always, I won’t really know until the lovely Thursday of December 7th. I am aiming […]

  4. Drinking OJ, Talking Business (Sophie)

    The last two days have been WONDERFUL. Stressful, tiring, worrying, amazing, exciting. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt all semester. I’m finding my path again through this maze of university life. So…I asked a question in my last post pertaining as to how others had found this semester compared to last. I said I would […]

  5. Welcome to Week 5 (Sophie)

    Well…to be honest, a lot has been happening lately and I haven’t really said much about it. This semester has been going so quickly that I’ve barely blinked and already Week 5 is here…it’s funny how at Uni you live by the weeks (at least I do with my schedule!). I’ve been working very hard, […]

  6. A quick update and some notes for First Years (Sophie)

    I’m alive. -Probably an important way to start! I’m in a state of major lack of sleep right now so I just wanted to say things are all pretty good. I quit “Tarjey” on Monday (Hello! -I’m trying to gain SOME respect here!)…which was an ‘interesting’ experience. I gave two weeks notice so still have […]

  7. Do I Move You? (Sophie)

    Things have been wonderfully busy and stressful as my holidays have turned into a “How much can I fit in 24 hours?” game. It is usually a good thing as I become so physically exhausted sleep is a haven that I fall into with ease…however at times my excitement at everything I’m involved with causes […]

  8. I think? (Lara)

    I made a decision. Well….I think I made it. On advice from the head of my course, counsellors, and a few other people… I have been withdrawn from all 4 of my exams. This is as to not jeopardise my future academic/working career. However…somehow the option that became decided, not concretely (not a word but […]

  9. I’m standing in a certain kind of light, that’s never shone on me before (Sophie)

    The last week off has been great but incredibly busy (when is it not though?!). I’ve managed to get quite a bit of study in but it always seems there is never enough time for absolutely everything you could ‘possibly’ do. Currently I’m at home and have just enjoyed a delectable dinner of Cajun-spiced salmon […]

  10. when everything is going perfect, the only way to go is downwards… (Lara)

    Just writing to say that i reached a point of my life here where i feel stuck….my boyfriend/best friend and i broke up last friday…which has been a massive shock to me because i well…love him so much? Our relationship was the thing that drove me and motivated me to move to Melbourne. My mum […]

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