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  1. Before O-Week and after Y12, I set out some high goals to achieve this year in uni (Kiryll)

    To upend the cliff-hanger, I didn’t quite meet them. Because, what’s more comfortable: making reams of notes or watching The Matrix? Like a helium balloon, my élan fizzled out to trudge the smudged line between staying afloat and sinking in a hedonistic quicksand. Last week during a 3 hour break between lectures, I perched my […]

  2. My little lightbulb moment (Simone)

    Lately I’ve been pondering my various possibilities and aspirations for the future. God, that sounds deep, hey?! But I promise you, I don’t mean to be corny and write a rambling post declaring myself to have these absolutely marvellous life plans where everything is mapped out – like in those movies where the girl decides […]

  3. A view from the streets (Kiryll)

    After a hiatus that saw me suspended from action and breaching every code of blogger practice, I have returned. One test done, one essay submitted to the black hole of Turnitin. Uni is certainly here to stay and its routine has ossified. From that, I decided to bypass the academic chronicles and spoke to my […]

  4. 'Nothing was to be lost by beginning at the beginning' (Simone)

      Greetings to all!  Welcome to my very first blog post! Just as Briony Tallis in one of my favourite novels, McEwan’s Atonement, declares, there is indeed nothing to be lost by beginning at the beginning – so who am I?! I’m a city gal who lives in the inner Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, loves books […]

  5. In which I cull my four foot magazine collection. (Or was it five foot?) (Victoria)

    Before I decided to come to our beloved UniMelb, I was set on heading to Sydney to become a journo. During years nine and ten I literally spent thousands of dollars on magazines, both to fuel my journalistic dreams and to keep up with the Disney channel gossip (and plaster my room in hundreds of […]

  6. First Year University (Benjamin)

    Hello everybody!   Hope everyone’s going well and that exams are going well, for both school and uni students 🙂  I am so excited to have finally finished, it’s so surreal.  It’s crazy to think that after all that work, sweat and lack of sleep, from the moment we are told, “Pens down please,” we […]

  7. Serendipity (Benjamin)

    ∑±FOIHREQ ≥∞ !!! Sorry, you just startled me right there by clicking on that link and opening this blog.  I wasn’t quite ready for you yet as I was putting the finishing touches to a couple of things.  But anyway, hey!  I’m Ben’s brain, nice to meet you too. When I’m not busy thinking of […]

  8. Student elections, major dilemmas and the long awaited break (Adeshola)

    We’re more than half way through second semester. In fact, eight weeks in and the scary thought that second year looms upon us not too far in the distance has popped up. It’s been awhile since I last posted, as Uni has been quite hectic lately. Let me fill you in with what has been […]

  9. Me :) (Monique)

    Hi everyone, I haven’t posted in a while because I have three 1000 word essays due on the 14th of September, as you probably guess, I’m thrilled :’(. I’m going to bring a serious tone to this post, this was really hard for me to write and I debated with myself whether or not to […]

  10. When I grow up…. (Adeshola)

    As a University student hoping to become a journalist, I’d like to think that print media is far from ‘dead’. Ironically, though I type these words to be published on a blog. Most recently was the Fairfax saga in which it was announced that hundreds of jobs would be cut from newspaper giants ‘The Age’ […]

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