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  1. Just a sidenote…

    Well hi there! Apologies for me just slipping in here at the last minute. Not so unusual for me though…I often find myself running too early for something…and then I relax and slow down and end up being amazingly late…which is frustrating to say the least, especially with this whole new responsibility of getting to […]

  2. Introduction :) (Monique)

    Hi! I’m Monique and I’m going to be blogging here! I’m a mid-semester transfer 😛 So first I believe a little introduction is in order. I’m doing an arts degree, I’m taking History, Ancient History, Power (Arts foundation subject) and Biology as my breath. I haven’t decided yet but I think I want to major […]

  3. Hiatus (Benjamin)

    Hey everyone! I hope that everyone’s had a good break and have put the letters ‘relax’ in ‘chill’ (a difficult task, I know).   Firstly welcome to Emily, Jane, longeeman and Monique!  The ‘Three Amigos’ have now become the ‘Secret Seven’, with the emphasis not particularly being on the secret.   I think that I […]

  4. Farewell

    I couldn’t leave without a proper goodbye. I usually run from those – i.e. never showing up for my last day at the many schools I’ve been to, or saying I will catch-up with someone before they leave but never doing so… (Maybe I’m just guessing that since this a virtual farewell it shouldn’t be […]

  5. And the fat lady sings~

    Weoowwww, it’s the end of first year! Actually, it’s been the end of first year for a few weeks now. I just haven’t had the time to update sooner because of… work. Not because I was out celebrating or anything. Pssh, how immature would that be? Results are coming out in a few days and […]

  6. Onward! (Amy)

    Hey y’all 🙂 This will be my last post on the first_year@unimelb blog, as I am now a student of Arts and Science at Monash University (OMG traitorous!). The reason I’ve moved is to follow my dreams 🙂 when I was choosing courses last year, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at […]

  7. The Little Bumps Along the Way. (Candy)

    Okay, remember how in my previous post I was all “I need to get on top of the concept of time, blah blah blah”? You have all just become witnesses to my tendency to defy accountability…because I still have not completed the aforementioned task, of time-concept-mastery. But I have a plan. This week, I will […]

  8. Ze end

    I missed my entire last week of my first year of uni. For the past two weeks-ish, I’ve had a cold and not one, but TWO ear infections. My body hates me. So I’m trying to get extensions for everything, as I’ve been able to do nothing. Blah. 🙁 But overall, a great first year. […]

  9. The Thrill of Conformity

    Let’s be honest: buttoned-up shirts, skinny jeans, high-top shoes – a common look around campus, yet something which doesn’t suit everyone (*Mark). Whether it be indie, well-dressed, under-dressed, or simply the comfortable clothes of someone who doesn’t care much for the trappings of modern society and its embrace of the superficial, everyone should have their own […]

  10. Dot-point dissolution

    So today I bumped into not one, not two, but three people who I know read this blog, one of which was none other than Ron himself. This prompted me to feel very sheepish in regard to my severe lack of blogging (in more than one area, but more on that in a second), and […]

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