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  1. The inevitable decision…that I've managed to avoid making…as yet

    Please note: If you’re tossing up between Arts and Science then this post may be of a slight interest to you. If you’re not, it probably won’t be at all. 😀 Again, if you’re considering creative writing, this may be interesting. Otherwise, not so. Ok, I made the decision to study Science at Melbourne instead […]

  2. I'm baaaack :D (Monique)

    So hi…… I kind of wrote one post and disappeared and.. and please forgive me! *gets down on knees*, I’m begging you; I never meant to hurt you first year uniMelb blog! I still love you, give me one more chance, I’ll never leave you for that long again! Please, you know we were meant […]

  3. Just a sidenote…

    Well hi there! Apologies for me just slipping in here at the last minute. Not so unusual for me though…I often find myself running too early for something…and then I relax and slow down and end up being amazingly late…which is frustrating to say the least, especially with this whole new responsibility of getting to […]

  4. Introduction :) (Monique)

    Hi! I’m Monique and I’m going to be blogging here! I’m a mid-semester transfer 😛 So first I believe a little introduction is in order. I’m doing an arts degree, I’m taking History, Ancient History, Power (Arts foundation subject) and Biology as my breath. I haven’t decided yet but I think I want to major […]

  5. Hiatus (Benjamin)

    Hey everyone! I hope that everyone’s had a good break and have put the letters ‘relax’ in ‘chill’ (a difficult task, I know).   Firstly welcome to Emily, Jane, longeeman and Monique!  The ‘Three Amigos’ have now become the ‘Secret Seven’, with the emphasis not particularly being on the secret.   I think that I […]

  6. Farewell

    I couldn’t leave without a proper goodbye. I usually run from those – i.e. never showing up for my last day at the many schools I’ve been to, or saying I will catch-up with someone before they leave but never doing so… (Maybe I’m just guessing that since this a virtual farewell it shouldn’t be […]

  7. And the fat lady sings~

    Weoowwww, it’s the end of first year! Actually, it’s been the end of first year for a few weeks now. I just haven’t had the time to update sooner because of… work. Not because I was out celebrating or anything. Pssh, how immature would that be? Results are coming out in a few days and […]

  8. Onward! (Amy)

    Hey y’all 🙂 This will be my last post on the first_year@unimelb blog, as I am now a student of Arts and Science at Monash University (OMG traitorous!). The reason I’ve moved is to follow my dreams 🙂 when I was choosing courses last year, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do at […]

  9. The Little Bumps Along the Way. (Candy)

    Okay, remember how in my previous post I was all “I need to get on top of the concept of time, blah blah blah”? You have all just become witnesses to my tendency to defy accountability…because I still have not completed the aforementioned task, of time-concept-mastery. But I have a plan. This week, I will […]

  10. Ze end

    I missed my entire last week of my first year of uni. For the past two weeks-ish, I’ve had a cold and not one, but TWO ear infections. My body hates me. So I’m trying to get extensions for everything, as I’ve been able to do nothing. Blah. 🙁 But overall, a great first year. […]

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