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  1. Felt that someone other than Jinghan should contribute for once.

    On the topic of Stalkerspace, and crappy course advice.

  2. Exam results: miracles, and disappointment.

    Expected to fail one subject, but passed that and failed another. It's like being crushed and being exhilarated at the same time... Resulting in confusion-wrapped nothingy-ness.

  3. "I hope you're happy in the end" (Pris)

    I’ve had an epiphany. A bad one. At a bad time. I think this is bad. I don’t think I like my course. I like uni. I like the people and the environment and the freedom (although, I am beginning to miss structure. I’m such a procrastinator!). I like the campus and the city. I […]

  4. Peskipiksi Pesternomi (Cristina)

    The title has nothing to do with this blog. Although if you get the reference, you may allow yourself three cookies. SO what to say? Well, last Wednesday, Jinghan and I both attended a bloggers/transition volunteers lunchamadoodlemathankyouthingamabobbie. Neither of us knew that the other was attending, so it was cool to finally meet, and I […]

  5. Chapter Seven: On Age and Youth (~jinghan)

    Since the start of university, I seem to have reverted to a childish fascination with everything. All the small things excite me – like water falling from the sky, the warmth of beds, the cups of acorns, the shoes people wear, the shininess of pull-rings and the cracks in pavements. I have even created some new cork-dolls from those […]

  6. End of Semester[Daniel]

    Well it’s finally the end of the year and thus my first year at university. I’ll no longer be a new guy! Hoorah! So I’ve decided for some tips for myself, if I had a time machine to give them back to myself: One thing that I must stress, if you are interested in Understanding […]

  7. Went to the country, returned alive. (Peech)

    So, I finally kicked my ass into gear and went about finding some farm work for the holidays. It was a mildly frightening task (for a sufferer of social anxiety) made more difficult by the unfortunate fact that farmers are not keen on the internet.


    This week at university we had student elections, which were excellent in displaying the power of pamphlet tagging. And while you can despise each particular person for intruding on your day and accosting you every time you go to Union house or the Baillieu (I hate spelling that), you have to admire their determination to […]

  9. "Here's Danny" (Daniel)

    Hey everyone, wassup? It’s already been 3 whole days of uni and I’ve already been licked up like Wizz Fizz back to university life. For example, on Monday I had a mid semester exam followed by a movie night at a friend’s place in Medley college (to save on metcards), woke up (Tuesday) missed the […]

  10. yarghrgh! [ASH]

    T’SUP! It is 3.35am, Saturday morning. I’ve been (geekishly) downlo- .. I mean, ‘legally obtaining’ Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew (yeah I know season 3 is out, I’m behind).  Just glimpsed the first half of the ‘live auditions’ bit. Speaking of first glimpses, it also seems that most of us are now starting […]

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