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  1. Semper ubi sub ubi [nicola]

    Welcome back. I am quite excited here – you see I’ve quit physics and am now doing psychology (hehe.. the word looks really squiggly) of which I know nothing about. Soo.. anyone out there who knows about psychology – got a heads up? There are new uncharted waters up ahead, although the Science vs Commerce […]

  2. the password is: welcome [nicola]

    Is it possible to believe that yet another day is over? I find myself wondering where on earth did 11 weeks just go? 11 weeks! I could be a trained ski instructor by now! or rather, could be finishing off on what may possibly be the best (and worst) semester at uni – so far. […]

  3. Ugh, another Monday.

    I remember one of my brother’s friends always being late to school on Monday because of ‘Mondayitis’. It’s the fresh start of the week, but one just gets used to sleeping in on weekends or having that extra hour of rest. I can definitely say I don’t fall into that category =P. Despite the fact […]

  4. Green Jelly [nicola]

    options I have in front of me right now.. Scenario 1: Stick it out with this science degree, taking one semester at a time and seeing where I end up. Who knows, I could be teaching science at my old high school, or accepting a Nobel prize? Scenario 2: Quit uni now or after mid-year […]

  5. stud muffin [nicola]

    The title of my blog has absolutely nothing to do with the content, I just thought it was the funniest thing i’ve heard in a long time… I’m sitting on a train at the moment (like I seem to be doing most of the time) thinking of a witty anecdotal blog. Mind blank. Seem to […]

  6. Hello readers of this blog…

    …My name is Wageesha (pronounced Wag-ee-sha, except in a less robotic manner) and I’ll be one of the first year uni students giving an account of life at Melbourne Uni and my experiences throughout this year. So, who is Wageesha? Well she’s an 18 year old female, (she knows you had no idea!), who was born in […]

  7. Damn core subjects. (Suzanne)

    I just got a call for applications and an advert in my uni email for Institutions in International Law, a subject they offer at the law school here. Essentially, in this subject, you fly out to Geneva as a class of 25 over winter break, you tour the UN and the WTO and the Red […]

  8. The Rat Race (David)

    It’s been aaaaaaages since my last post and the only excuse I can come up with is procrastination. Please forgive me? Uni is coasting along just fine, nothing super exciting has happened thus worth mentioning so I won’t bore you. Instead, I will go straight into what has been on my mind lately. To be […]

  9. Making Choices (Georgie)

    I can’t believe I’ve almost finished my first year! I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this year, that I’ve just been plodding along. Having an awesome time, but not really doing anything worthwhile. And now I have to pick subjects. What a nightmare! I’ve got a shortlist of about 30 so far, so not […]

  10. Right now, I am supposed to be…. (Suzanne) – add your own!

    1. Watching my friends perform in Monteverdi’s Orfeo, because today was closing night. 2. Practising. As always. 3. Making a dent in six weeks behind-ness of law reading 4. Making my concise reference notes for open book law exams 5. Writing scholarship applications for next year 6. Applying for competitions/jobs 7. Calling my parents 8. […]

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