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  1. I love Uni!!! (Georgie)

    So semester one of my first year of uni is over, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Uni is the most awesome thing in the world. I can’t believe how good and easy and fun it is. Especially the easy part. Maybe it’s because I’m studying subjects I really like, or maybe it’s because […]

  2. Update on my oh so interesting life (Georgie)

    Work: Doncaster A&R closed down so am now just a company casual. So far have had a few calls to work and have gotten a few shifts at chaddy and camberwell. Been for an interview at Borders on Lygon – unsucessful. Interviews suck. Was complaining to a friend about my joblesssness and now I’m at […]

  3. I want to drop law (Suzanne)

    Not because I hate it or anything. It just feels like a freaking huge waste of time because I can think of at least a dozen things off the top of my head that I’d rather be doing with that time and at least three of them involve switching to another degree. Thoughts?

  4. Performances (Suzanne)

    So, on Friday, I got sick. Fever of 38.5 degrees, chills in 30 degree weather, sore throat, coughing, and all. You know something’s wrong with you when the most annoying thing about a 38.5 degree fever is that it raises the temperature of your breath enough to make you play sharp at Saturday and Sunday’s […]

  5. Things which Suzanne should be doing instead of writing in this blog (Suzanne, obviously)

    1. Her law skills assignment, due on Monday, which involves reading about a case where some pizza delivery kid got mugged by his customer and then sued his boss for making him deliver the pizza and get mugged. (Honestly, after three weeks of law school, you start to think that you can sue anybody for […]

  6. A Well-Timed Surge of Confidence! (Johanna)

    Ergh, it can’t be time to go back to school yet. I’m not ready – these holidays haven’t been the blissful void I wished for. I have got a lot done, but there is still a lot of work to be done. On Sunday I had my first real acting audition. It’s strange – somebody […]

  7. Happy Days (Chris)

    Craziest month ever. I’ll elaborate further when I can, but so much work and house hunting has rotted my brain. Two important things though: my play that was shortlisted for the Melbourne Short and Sweet festival is being performed at the Sydney incarnation! The Sydney one is bigger and the original, so I’m very happy. […]

  8. what now? (Jim)

    SO the yr 12s received their results. Hope it is good news. If not u can always work hard and change course next year. 🙂 u should speak to ur career advisor if u need help. maybe even call up uni course coordinator to seek info. Furthermore if u are unsure of ur career path, […]

  9. Monday Morning (Chris)

    Do you know what’s odd? I’ve finished this year, in many respects, in a similar way to how I started it. I’m tired, very much overworked, a little hung over, but full of nervous excitement. I might leave most of the reflection on how much has changed / stayed the same for another entry. What […]

  10. Picking Up the Pace (Johanna)

    Classes are over, and there is nothing that I have to think about anymore. It’s strange – one day after handing in my last assignment, I was laying on the couch thinking, “How am I going to handle moments like this where there is nothing pressing, nothing to be done?”. I suppose I’m used to […]

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