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  1. Week 7: Application Anxiety

    Now playing: Doris Day – Que Sera Sera ↺ |◁ II ▷| ♡   I survived the shenanigans of Week 6 🥳! Updates from last week – I went and thoroughly enjoyed the club event – Save the Children and Film Society’s Movie Night at Arts West’s Interactive Cinema Space! It was a fundraiser for […]

  2. Gotta make it through

    If your are looking for something cheerful, feel free to skip this post. Things are pretty grim right now, the total number covid deaths in the extended family this month is now 2 and to top it, I have a test next week 😟 Not that I am diving deep into depression and flicking off […]

  3. Some of my favourite things…

    Something different for today’s post, a list. And everyone loves a good list. This list is what I’ve been up to lately. Enjoy! Studying. Submitting assignments before time. Drinking bubble tea. Sipping flat whites. Making coffee with the coffee machine at work. Started a new job. Attended a job interview. Drinking matcha lattes. Texting old […]

  4. I did it!

    Yeah… I went to the Uni for the first time ever! Was soooooo stoked that I got lost and then had to ask my way around. It’s just as awesome in real life as it in pics. Found the map, with all the directions, on my way out 😆 My swimming lesson was no less […]

  5. Take it easy

    Pockets are feeling a lot lighter after paying the fees for this semester but glad that Cat can continue her quest for knowledge 😁 For some reason, studies are not too stressful this time. I am not making lecture notes, going through recordings thrice a week till I am sick of it. Instead, focusing on […]

  6. Merry Christmas

    Have a joyful one – from me and Cat to you and yours 🥳 Everybody’s on a holiday and I guess, I should take one too and stop writing but I joined mid-year, so technically still a first year. Besides, I am not putting down my pen until told otherwise 😤😝😜 Apart from cooking fancy […]

  7. What next?

    Must say, disappointed with the study modes for next semester. The dual-mode is only for a handful of subjects but most of them are online. Totally not going to work for me 😤 But I am not jumping on the next flight out of here and moving to Gold Coast just yet. I have worked […]

  8. Let it be a beautiful mess

    “It’s a beautiful day”,  (U2). It’s Monday, the day that signals new beginnings, a new week and renewed commitment to our dreams and for some, diets. In our new world, the world’s been rewritten, reinvented, and reimagined. The world seems a quieter place, at least for me. I move slowly about the world, practically on […]

  9. ChannelFluffy Episode 2: My kendo experience! (Anita)

    Oh hello there! Sorry for the late update…I have been busy in the past few weeks. (Should probably make a video on what I have been doing after the exams!) Last weekend I was in Ballarat for the annual training camp of the University of Melbourne Kendo Club, so I think it will be great […]

  10. A Cyclist's Perspective

    This semester, I had an interesting start to uni. In first week, I popped a pretty bad blister during my Netball match, that I couldn’t even walk properly for first week of uni. So, I had to use crutches, because it was that bad. Hahaha. Then in the second week of uni, I recently was […]

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