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  1. Musings of a First Year University Student (Benjamin)

    Hello there!  How are things everyone?  Well, Semester Two has well and truly begun with assignments, tests and study galore, which is rather frustrating seeing as the Olympics are on.  True, the reruns are on the tele at Union House but I haven’t really had the time.  Good to know that the MX doesn’t have […]

  2. Round 2 (Emily)

    So I’ve started the semester off with a cough by immediately faltering in my intention to attend every lecture, every class and keep up with the notes of the former. In my defence, I’ve been sick. Which sucks I’ve got to say, even though everyone knows it already. Just the typical flu/cold thing that every […]

  3. "This has gotta be the good life" (Jessica)

    I quote the wise words of OneRepublic and without a doubt can say, this is definitely the good life! Been a long long time since my last post and that may be because I am way too caught up in how amazing these holidays are! They’ve been filled with impromptu flights, road trips, camping, seeing […]

  4. Feeling the zen…. (Adeshola)

    So I’m writing this post in bed with a cup of tea and thinking how much I adore the Winter holidays. Summer’s great for the excitement, the hot weather and the endless array of outings, music festivals and beach days, but Winter is lovely to simply stay warm and not do much else. Being on […]

  5. I'm baaaack :D (Monique)

    So hi…… I kind of wrote one post and disappeared and.. and please forgive me! *gets down on knees*, I’m begging you; I never meant to hurt you first year uniMelb blog! I still love you, give me one more chance, I’ll never leave you for that long again! Please, you know we were meant […]

  6. Just a sidenote…

    Well hi there! Apologies for me just slipping in here at the last minute. Not so unusual for me though…I often find myself running too early for something…and then I relax and slow down and end up being amazingly late…which is frustrating to say the least, especially with this whole new responsibility of getting to […]

  7. Introduction :) (Monique)

    Hi! I’m Monique and I’m going to be blogging here! I’m a mid-semester transfer 😛 So first I believe a little introduction is in order. I’m doing an arts degree, I’m taking History, Ancient History, Power (Arts foundation subject) and Biology as my breath. I haven’t decided yet but I think I want to major […]

  8. 19th April, 2011 – The Simple Things Are More Fun In Life (Will)

    Can i just say that autumn and winter are my favorite seasons of the year, but i do love autumn in particular. I found myself at one stage of lunch treading on the crisp yellow leaves and hearing them crunch under my feat, it was almost hallucinogenic how lovely it was. If you havent done […]

  9. 6th April, 2011 – The fun, of Calculus 1, oh wow I made a rhyme!!! (Will)

    Well isnt uni something!!! as much as i can say i love it for its atmosphere and new facinating activities such as frivolous exploring of buildings, classes seem to be really boring!!!! I’ve found that if you go to a subject that you dont enjoy then the hour lectures become sleepy time or drawing time, […]

  10. February 11th, 2011 – The hunt for chocolate spice (Will)

    So as today has been pretty boring, yet again, I’ve been craving a chilli hot chocolate. But good luck getting one where I live haha. So I’ve been setting little quests for myself at uni, like little things that I want to do throughout the year. Anyway seing as i like chilli hot chocolates soooo […]

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