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  1. Chapter Twenty-Six: Swimming (~jinghan)

    I totally forgot to tell you about my experience at the Melbourne Uni swimming pool! Week one of uni, because I was still freshly full of energy and trying to dust off the holiday-boredom that settles in towards the end of holidays I packed my swimming gear and went off to the swimming pool after […]

  2. "No, there is nothin' that can stop us" (Pris)

    OOhhhhhhh it’s a little over 24 hours since I arrived back in Melbourne and I’m already having some withdrawal symptoms! That’s right, the MPH Roadtrip was AMAZING!!! I miss going up to absolute randoms and knowing, just knowing, that you’re going to be awesome friends! We sang together. We chanted together. We danced to GaGa […]

  3. "And this is my reaction to everything I feel" (Pris)

    ROOOAAAADDDDDDTTTTTRRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (yes, I actually am screaming all this. You are reading this correctly if your internal voice is volume is maxed out). Some facts: It’s in 3 days. I will miss a whole week of uni. I am not worried about this at all (for now). Some more facts: I’m really really really really […]


    This week at university we had student elections, which were excellent in displaying the power of pamphlet tagging. And while you can despise each particular person for intruding on your day and accosting you every time you go to Union house or the Baillieu (I hate spelling that), you have to admire their determination to […]

  5. Fahrenheit 451 (Daniel)

    Find it. I double dare you, I triple dare you to find this book at a bookshop. This is a book you cannot find new within Australia at all. Why? Publishers don’t publish it anymore in Australia. Which is really strange because for a book about censorship it’s interesting how ironic it is that we […]

  6. Wrapping up Semester 1 [Katie]

    Blog, if you were a lover, you would have left me long ago.   Luckily, that’s not the case, so I can turn up late and not get dumped!   I just finished my exams. Why, oh why, are you doing your exams 5 days before the start of next term, I hear you asking? […]

  7. Question

    Why are so many bloggers college students? There are at least, what, four? five? Also, why do I keep meeting so many college students? Now that’s over with, let’s talk about CLUBS AND SOCIETIES. What, if anything, have you joined and why? What has been good, and why? If you joined nothing, why? I joined […]

  8. Boring news from the nail biter (Natty)

    I have started biting my nails again. This really annoys me because it took me three very dedicated months to kick the habit in the first place and then after just two weeks at uni I’m stressing out enough over work to like, totally ruin my french manicure ya know? Haha, I am being purposefully […]

  9. Put gerbils in your pockets (Jennifer)

    Blogging is an odd concept, based on the assumption that readers, should they exist, actually give two mouldy figs about what you're saying (unlikely). But for the purpose of this exercise, I'll proceed nonetheless.

  10. Soporific. [ASH]

    I thought I’d do a quickie (heh.) coz’ the average attention span of people are something like 7 minutes. [quick fact. ding] Also decided to do dot points. That might make this easier for you. So readers, and fellow bloggers here it goes: When I meet people, they tend to call me Ash Catchum, the […]

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