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  1. Clubs are the best way to make friends

    I’ve joined so many clubs at university and it’s literally saved my post-covid loneliness! So many clubs plan weekly meetups (sometimes even involving free food!!! Who could say no to that?) and it’s such an amazing way to meet likeminded people and friends! I’ve joined a couple of club committees it’s been so nice to […]

  2. EEG volunteer experience

    I am honored that I can contribute my EEG information to the development of neuroscience, although this experiment took me 3 hours. The happiest thing is that I got a $30 voucher:) As a psychological student, it is easy to find experimental recruitment information on a website called REP. So some of the experiments will […]

  3. Back to work

    Still waiting for the offer letter for the Software with Business course, should be arriving anyday now 💌 It’s been a very happening week on personal front and while I huffed and puffed and pushed and shoved, Cat blissfully slept through it all, probably dreaming about leading teams on weekdays and chasing mice on weekends […]

  4. Settled in

    Holidays are over and everything that froze 🥶 last month is now comming back to life. I am moving from my holiday projects to attending virtual meetings and other stuff. Expenses are through the roof, thanks to the sale season 😝 and I wish somebody started a super program where I could get super contribution […]

  5. It’s finally here!

    Happy New Year, y’all 💃 Donno how you guys celebrated yours, but I have a lot of quirky NY traditions that kept me busy. I change something that I use everyday in the New Year to mark the occasion. Much cheaper and more meaningful than partying. Also, I spend the NYE either working or reading. This […]

  6. Our Magic Student ID Card (FOR VCA AND MCM STUDENTS)

    So, we had a duo and duet pianists coming into one of our masterclass, who was students at the con. They were pretty much performing their set lists for their recital, which they were last Friday. It was all interesting, and great to hear… Until when she said, “Did you know that you can use your student […]

  7. How do I save money!? (Bella)

    Life as a uni student can be difficult, money-wise…. all of a sudden you have an amazing freedom to go out with friends, but this can be expensive! Here are some tips I’ve found useful: 1. Dedicate money to spend and money to save I have two jobs, so I (try to) use the money […]

  8. Leave of absence

    Taking a leave of absence from University can happen for many reasons. In O-Week, I met a girl who had taken a year off to travel around South America and she said that it was the best thing that she ever did! However, I never considered I would do the same. One week ago I […]

  9. Ah, time. Where does it go!? – Bella

    Transitioning from high school to uni is a huge change – not only intellectually, but in many other aspects of your life. I’m really good at using my time effectively and I will share some tips in this post. It’s really important at uni to be able to keep track of multiple deadlines, know how […]

  10. Melbourne..Packing..Resume..Jaffy (Adi)

    I’m winding up my two week Sydney voyage. The city is as picturesque as they come but dare I say it’s no Melbourne? I’m actually looking forward to going ‘home’; despite the menace that is winter Melbourne is lovable with rather endearing qualities. Her striking skyline shadows the city matrix, a grid-like structure that assembles […]

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