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  1. Finally free ✊

    Today’s my last lecture for the semester and then I am a free bird 🦥 But I think I’ll miss them and the sense of normalcy they brought to my chaotic world where I couldn’t tell what would happen the next day but could always count on the lectures to be there, on time, like […]

  2. Trials and errors

    Last week’s experiment of not attending lectures totally blew up in my face. Turns out, I missed out on really important details about the assignment. I found it out over the weekend while going through the recordings, 3 days after the due date. Of course, I had to make the mistake that the prof specifically […]

  3. Back to studies

    Break is over and lectures are back. I am giving them a miss this week. I spend way too much time on zoom. Discovered last week that I can save time by not watching the same lecture thrice 🤦‍♀️ Trying to study smart and not just hard 😎 Cat isn’t missing management too much. Last […]

  4. Let it be a beautiful mess

    “It’s a beautiful day”,  (U2). It’s Monday, the day that signals new beginnings, a new week and renewed commitment to our dreams and for some, diets. In our new world, the world’s been rewritten, reinvented, and reimagined. The world seems a quieter place, at least for me. I move slowly about the world, practically on […]

  5. Just as expected

    Not getting much done this week. But knew that already. Caught up on all the 😴 I missed out on and having reduced my study load, got a lot of time to enjoy life and mull over stuff. Not what regular students are expected to do! University is supposed to be the time where you […]

  6. Feels like Christmas

    Got the whole of next week off and some very pleasant surprises in this one. Does feel like a Christmas morning 🎁 session. So, it all started with an assignment submission gone wrong and me not having any backup. Nail-biting suspense later, I was allowed to resubmit it! Like seriously, how cool is that!!! I […]

  7. Am I an adult?

    It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote a blog post. Though, I’m sure the concept of time is slipping from us all as we stay indoors and relive each day like the last. Wake up near to the afternoon, complain about lectures, begrudgingly attend tutorials, and do the damn readings well into the […]

  8. Not my first Rodeo

    This week’s been a rollercoaster – emotionally, academically and of course, me being me, monetarily 🤣 Made some tough calls, quite literally 🤪 and had some setbacks but so far, no regrets. Not really my first time handling losses in life. Withdrew from subjects that I found too tough, and that means Cat will now […]

  9. Canvassing the weekend

    After last week’s mayhem, this one seems pretty quiet. New week, new assignments, new deadlines and new headaches. Rang out the old ones. That’s all to say about it. Surprise! Found out that I have shrunk a size in the lockdowns and all my clothes fit the hangers better than me. Not rushing to the […]

  10. Ramblings of a night owl

      I live in Cheltenham and I have at least a painful 4 hours ride (to college and back) every day. Although I enjoy the view of lush green suburbs and striking street art covered walls through the journey, I’m growing numb to it. I mean, when you commute for a good 6 months like […]

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