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  1. Am I an adult?

    It feels like a lifetime since I last wrote a blog post. Though, I’m sure the concept of time is slipping from us all as we stay indoors and relive each day like the last. Wake up near to the afternoon, complain about lectures, begrudgingly attend tutorials, and do the damn readings well into the […]

  2. Not my first Rodeo

    This week’s been a rollercoaster – emotionally, academically and of course, me being me, monetarily 🤣 Made some tough calls, quite literally 🤪 and had some setbacks but so far, no regrets. Not really my first time handling losses in life. Withdrew from subjects that I found too tough, and that means Cat will now […]

  3. Canvassing the weekend

    After last week’s mayhem, this one seems pretty quiet. New week, new assignments, new deadlines and new headaches. Rang out the old ones. That’s all to say about it. Surprise! Found out that I have shrunk a size in the lockdowns and all my clothes fit the hangers better than me. Not rushing to the […]

  4. Ramblings of a night owl

      I live in Cheltenham and I have at least a painful 4 hours ride (to college and back) every day. Although I enjoy the view of lush green suburbs and striking street art covered walls through the journey, I’m growing numb to it. I mean, when you commute for a good 6 months like […]

  5. I can’t stress this enough

    Hunched upon my bed (terrible posture) at 10:41 p.m. in the night, I realized what I want to write about.   Stress. I’d like to think that I’m good at managing stress. But others refuse to agree. It’s debatable, okay? Life is an amalgamation of various sources of stress. I can’t explain how, but everything […]

  6. Dear Diary, here’s my resume boosters

    Hey hey everyone! Sorry, it has been so long since my last post. Right now my life is like a cauldron and its brewing with 3 assignments per week, 20 contact hours and 12 hours of part-time work. Nevertheless, I’m here (finally) to discuss what I do in my spare time. But beware, this is […]

  7. don’t worry, be happy

    There’s something that I want to use this platform for more than anything, something that is really important to me – opening up the discussion about mental health. As a high school student I both dreaded and yearned moving to uni and starting anew. I’d moved around a lot, so I wasn’t too keen on […]

  8. Veterinarian? Sociologist? Dancer? Hmm

    ¡Buenas tardes! I’m Nicole, a Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Bachelor of Arts student, though if I’m being honest I should probably tell you that this is my third degree, officially Mature Age now. Yes, I have an addiction and it is called Learning. *sigh* The path to where I am now hasn’t been […]

  9. Dear Diary, It’s Me

    Hey there fellow readers, I’m here to roll out the red carpet and introduce myself as one of the new first-year writers for the Jaffy Diaries. As my first semester of university is coming to a close, I figured that instead of buckling down and studying for exams, I would sit here and write a […]

  10. New Semester, New Opportunities (Jess)

    Welcome back everyone! I’ve been meaning to write a new post for a while, but as things do, they got super busy (We all know the drill). Like I’m sure most of you did, I took full advantage of my break to relax, to refresh and to ultimately prepare for another jam-packed semester ahead. I […]

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