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  1. Veterinarian? Sociologist? Dancer? Hmm

    ¡Buenas tardes! I’m Nicole, a Jaffy (Just Another Fabulous First Year) Bachelor of Arts student, though if I’m being honest I should probably tell you that this is my third degree, officially Mature Age now. Yes, I have an addiction and it is called Learning. *sigh* The path to where I am now hasn’t been […]

  2. Dear Diary, It’s Me

    Hey there fellow readers, I’m here to roll out the red carpet and introduce myself as one of the new first-year writers for the Jaffy Diaries. As my first semester of university is coming to a close, I figured that instead of buckling down and studying for exams, I would sit here and write a […]

  3. New Semester, New Opportunities (Jess)

    Welcome back everyone! I’ve been meaning to write a new post for a while, but as things do, they got super busy (We all know the drill). Like I’m sure most of you did, I took full advantage of my break to relax, to refresh and to ultimately prepare for another jam-packed semester ahead. I […]

  4. Arriving in Melbourne: my POV + feeling isolated

    No preparation could lead me to the big city life, especially not for a small-town girl. I was wedged in the middle, being neither an international student nor an Aussie one, but a Kiwi. My arrival “No expectations”, I said, “They inevitably lead to disappointment.” Yet, subconsciously, I presumed the arrivals area of the Melbourne […]

  5. ChannelFluffy Episode 1: Let the Adventure Begin! (Anita)

    Greetings from Unimelb! (Lies, lies. But since this is the official Unimelb first year blog, hmmm I guess I’m not wrong) Hello there! My name is Anita and along with Kat and Tessa, I’m one of the first year bloggers for 2017. Like all the other bloggers have done, I would like to take this […]

  6. Routines

    Pretty much 3 quarters of ‘First Year’ has passed for me, and things are gradually becoming more stable. From locating lecture/tutorial spots to awkward hours on-campus and sleeping time, life in uni gradually becomes… normal, though some of it not in the way I want to.

  7. With a Little Help from My Friends

    Studying as a Jaffy first-year student is not easy. From the expectations to listen and understand most, if not all the lectures, the assignments that you have to hand in before its due (and the notion that you’re still working on it creeping up to you everyday until you hand it in), and the readings/problem booklet/quizzes […]

  8. Freedom Has Come

    I can’t believe it that I have finished first year. I survived through the hard times. I survived through those last minute assignments. I survived through practical and written exams. I survived it all. I’m still amazeballs that I had made it. The feeling is truly rewarding, while trying not to have any negative thoughts […]

  9. Week 12 Feels

    Holy bagebus! It’s going to be Week 12 tomorrow! AHHH!! This semester has crept me up a little, and has gone faster than what I expected it would be. Looking back from the start of semester two, I had gone through a lot, and I’m not sure whether it is more intense than Semester 1. […]

  10. A Musician's Sacrifice

    Making more time for something has one, or two sacrifices that needs to be cut out for the week. It is pretty common for some, or majority of musos, or for any one else in uni in general. For instance, not going to lectures (that are recorded), less time studying (and cramming every thing to […]

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