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  1. Ah, time. Where does it go!? – Bella

    Transitioning from high school to uni is a huge change – not only intellectually, but in many other aspects of your life. I’m really good at using my time effectively and I will share some tips in this post. It’s really important at uni to be able to keep track of multiple deadlines, know how […]

  2. Introvert, extrovert, doesn't matter…

    Have you seen the rather hilarious X-Factor video where a contestant sings “extrovert, introvert, doesn’t matter” repeatedly? Besides being entertaining (go watch it…), it’s actually kind of true when you reach University. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shy or outgoing, we’re all in the same boat! I came from a year level of 14 people to […]

  3. A Day in a Musician's life Part 7 (final) – Nicole

    Hello! I apologise in advanced for not posting yesterday! I just had one busy, yet annoying day; my laptop decided to go crazy all of the sudden with updating. Ugh… Updating. It took almost the whole day Also, my Microsoft Office decided to crash… multiple times. Well, I guess yesterday was just a bad day […]

  4. A Day in a Musician's Life Part 6 – Nicole

    Saturdays. Ahh… I always cherish every outing when my mates, whenever I get a chance to hang out in the weekend. I always have a good day whenever I have an outing, because it’s nothing to do with studying at all. I personally wish I can do this every day, but as you’d all know based […]

  5. A Day in a Musician's Life Part 5 – Nicole

    Fridays. What can I say about it? Well, I have no idea. Usually, Fridays is my studying day. But not today. I was having a gloomy day today, and I needed a shoulder to cry on. It wasn’t just because of the weather. One of my great friends is leaving Australia forever, and now I’m […]

  6. Week 6 – Bella

    Hey everyone, right now I’m enjoying listening to music and relaxing, after work this morning and a big week back at uni after the mid-sem break 🙂 I think the state of disarray my room’s in is evidence of a busy week! I can’t believe it’s already the end of week 6 and this means […]

  7. A Day in a Musician's Life Part 4 – Nicole

    OH MY GOD, IT’S FINALLY THURSDAY! Usually, Thursdays are my Fridays pretty much. Why? Well, I have a day off tomorrow. Woohoo! But! That doesn’t mean I get to sleep in tomorrow. Nah uh. Tomorrow, I go to uni to practise, and study/catch up with my other mates at uni, which is super awesome!   THURSDAYS […]

  8. A Day in a Musician's life Part 3 – Nicole

    Wednesday – the day when everyone thinks, “What the heck? It’s only Wednesday? Whut?” Look bud, it’s going to be alright! I’m pretty sure you are all surviving very well so far. Just take a breath, and take it one day, one hour, one lecture at a time, and you’ll be alright. Trust me. That’s […]

  9. A Day in a Musician's life Part 2 – Nicole

    Hello! I hope your second day back at uni was alright for you! Mine was alright today. I had a really long day that I probably don’t really know what to feel now. 😐 But, it’s okay! There will be a brand new day tomorrow, and I’m excited for the future. 🙂 Alrighty, today! Here’s […]

  10. A Day in a Musician's life Part 1- Nicole

    Hello readers! I hope you all had a wonderful mid-semester break! Mine was a pretty nice break! I seriously loved staying up late for once. But now, we’re back at uni… Sooo, now I have to wake up very early from now on. Oh bugger. 🙁 You must be wondering, what does my weekly schedule […]

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