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  1. Easter non-teaching period

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break! So at the end of last week, it was totally my intention to use this week for some hardcore reading, studying, catching up on missed lectures online and writing the two essays that I have due next week. It is now Thursday evening, and I have done […]

  2. G'day, fellow readers! – Nicole

    Hello, I’m Nicole, and I’ll be one of your First_year@unimelb bloggers! I’m super honoured to be a part of this wonderful committee, and hopefully you’ll be enjoying reading our lovely posts about our experiences this year. Few things about myself! Well, I’m a Bachelor of Music student, majoring in Music Performance and Classical Studies on piano. My […]

  3. Roll in another debut! – Rochelle

    Hello everyone and welcome to my first official post! I’m the next mysterious new writer in first_year@UniMelb of 2015, along with the other 7 new bloggers. I hope this platform will help many and also myself as I get to share my experience as a first year uni student. First things first, my name is Rochelle, I’m a March […]

  4. Another introduction

    Hello, I’m Kelly, and I’m another of the new first_year@unimelb bloggers. I’m so excited to have this platform to share my experiences of my first year at the University of Melbourne, and I hope that sharing them will help other prospective students and first year students – or at least provide a laugh! So a […]

  5. Happy Homecoming? (Johanna – Mia)

    After five months of being away from home, grueling assessments and my (admittedly laughable though semi-successful) attempts to not procrastinate, I am finally HOME! You know how the old adage goes. There is no place like home. And that’s very true, I realize that now. Yes, my first semester in Melbourne was lovely overall (minus […]

  6. Problems with Parental Pressure (Johanna – Mia)

    Be forewarned. This is shaping up to be a very emo post, straight from the laptop of a very pressured, frazzled student. So. How do I deal with pressure? Answer is, not very well. And boy, the pressure is ON. Let’s see… There’s exams coming up in less than three weeks’ time, and I haven’t […]

  7. Some Exciting News (Hiruni)

    Hi everyone! As compensation for my lateness in posting, I thought I’d share some pretty exciting news with you all. I will be travelling to Sri Lanka next week due to family reasons and won’t be back for a couple weeks. While I’m excited to be blogging from the tropics, I did have to make […]

  8. Let's Get Animated – Arts Ball 2014 (Phoebe)

    Highlight of my week – ARTS BALL! I mean, what’s not to love? Food, drinks, friends, and most importantly, fancy dress! I love costumes and always have, ever since I was little, playing dress-ups with my younger siblings. However, when I first heard the news that Arts Ball was themed, I couldn’t help but feel […]

  9. It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

    Hello friends! I hope you all got the reference to the cartoon show, circa 1990. If not, here is a picture of her looking adorable as always, and my condolences for your depleted childhood! So “Madeline” and I share the same name, if you didn’t already figure, but that’s about the extent of our similarities. […]

  10. Confessions of a home bird (Tanika)

    It’s one of those nights. A light drizzle, a little Diana Krall and I find myself in dire need of a dry martini and good conversation. To my dismay, whilst my mind fantasizes about the soft, sultry ambiance of a jazz bar somewhere in downtown Dubai, my body sits down to a long night of […]

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