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  1. The Issue on the (time)Table

    Apologies for the post vacuum as vacation period went by. Hopefully, like myself, you all are coming back into the semester refreshed and ready to tackle on new challenges and subjects (also, “warm” winter welcome to the mid-years!). I myself would like to talk about one such challenge, and some advice on how you can […]


  2. How to make friends in lectures (~jinghan)

    There is nothing quite as exciting as looking forward to a lecture because of the people you will see there. Now that I have friends around uni, socializing seems so effortless. However, my memory of those frist few weeks where each day was a lonely struggle through a sea of strangers reminds me that meting and getting to know people is one of the biggest challenges of uni. [...] So here's some advice to those of you who will go to uni some time in the future and for those of you who sometime still find yourself in your own company during classes...