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  1. First Impressions (Eyre)

    First posts, while they don’t come big, they don’t come often either, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to you, dear reader. After some thought on approaches, I think my pick would be the AA-style you’d see on movies and TV. Here we go.


  2. Hi, my name is… (Katherine Olivia)

    You may know me from the time I fell down the stairs walking into my AusPol lecture, or perhaps you’ve seen me nestled under a tree on South Lawn, enjoying the plethora of free food opportunities we always seem to have on campus. For everyone else, an introduction is in order! I’m Katherine, another newbie […]


  3. It's Madeline, It's Madeline (Madeleine Lily)

    Hello friends! I hope you all got the reference to the cartoon show, circa 1990. If not, here is a picture of her looking adorable as always, and my condolences for your depleted childhood! So “Madeline” and I share the same name, if you didn’t already figure, but that’s about the extent of our similarities. […]


  4. Ramblings of a Bemused First Year (Part 1) (Nae)

    I could just squeal I am so happy. I finally rearranged a timetable that ACTUALLY FITS IN WITH MY WORK AND THE LIFE I PRETEND TO HAVE =D *dances* So I should probably introduce myself before I go into my usual rants. You may disregard my excitement above for a formal introduction: Hello my name […]