Research Projects

  • Upper Limb Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics

    Our Upper Limb Robotics Project focuses on retraining motor function after a neurological injury, such as a stroke. Our robotic devices used within this space include the M2 from Fourier Intelligence, the ArmeoPower (Hocoma, Switzerland), and the EMU – a device designed and developed within our laboratory. Our major focus within this project is to develop robotic control strategies which result in real motor control changes, using tools which can easily be adopted within a clinical setting.

  • Lower Limb Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics

    The Lower Limb Robotics Project explores the use of exoskeletons for both assistive and rehabilitative applications. Utilising the X2 Lower Limb Exoskeleton from Fourier Intelligence, we seek to explore the practical implications of using exoskeletons amongst those with neurological conditions, and develop robotic control strategies, with a focus on ensuring natural human interaction within the exoskeletons.

  • Human Motor Control and Learning

    Our Human Motor Control and Learning Project investigates theoretical constructs on how human move their limbs, and change their movements in response to changes in their environment – for example if they are given an unfamiliar tool, if their movement is disturbed by a new force, or if their sensory feedback is interfered with. The understanding development within this work is used to inform how to develop the robotic control strategies within the Robotics-based projects