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12 July 2018 Latest paper in Plant Physiology is now available online.

13 June 2018 Some lovely work with collaborators Tim Hearn and Alex Webb (University of Cambridge) has been accepted for publication in Plant Physiology. It describes a successful genetic screen for circadian mutants altered in responsiveness to nicotinamide.

31 May 2018 Current Biology have accepted our paper describing a molecular pathway for entrainment of the clock by sugars. It represents a mountain of work from multiple labs and is an exciting follow-up to our paper from a few years back.

22 May 2018 A paper with Scott Sinclair and Ute Krämer (Ruhr Uni Bochum) has been accepted by Plant Cell. It describes a transcriptomic approach to identify targets of systemic zinc deficiency signalling in Arabidopsis.

10 May 2018 Congratulations to Xiang for passing her PhD confirmation today. Well done!

12 February 2018 Mike is in Canberra this week for Science meets Parliament.

26 November 2017 Last week we moved into our new labs! They’re looking great and set us up perfectly to do some exciting science.

2 November 2017 Our paper on a cell wall-derived signal that represses photomorphogenesis is published online today in Current Biology.

24 October 2017 Together with Dr Reimo Zoschke at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany, we have received some joint funding from UA and DAAD to help us out with a really exciting collaborative project on clocks and translation!

20 October 2017 Our recent research on ethylene and the clock has been featured on Pursuit.

2 October 2017 Mike is in Adelaide this week for ComBio. He was invited to give a talk on regulation of the circadian clock by sugars.

28 September 2017 The October issue of Plant Physiology is out today, including our paper on sucrose, ethylene and the circadian clock.

18 September 2017 After nearly 10 years of work, our paper reporting a role for cell wall signalling in photomorphogenesis with Ute Kraemer and Scott Sinclair (Ruhr University Bochum) has been accepted in Current Biology.

4 August 2017 Our Plant Physiology paper is now available online.

1 August 2017 Our paper with Alex Webb from the University of Cambridge on the role of GIGANTEA in effects of sugar on the circadian clock has been accepted for publication in Plant Physiology. It describes post-transcriptional effects of sucrose on GI protein and uncovers a previously unknown role for ethylene signalling in circadian regulation.

31 July 2017 Information about potential MSc projects in the Haydon lab for 2018 are available on the Stories tab of the webpage.

2 July 2017 Ángela is in Gothenburg, Sweden this week for the SEB meeting. She was selected to give an oral presentation about her work on our sourpuss mutants affected in transcriptional sugar responses in Arabidopsis.

26 June 2017 Aloha! Mike is in Honolulu this week for Plant Biology 2017. He is presenting some new work on the role of GI in regulation of the circadian clock by sugars.

1 June 2017 Welcome to Xiang Li! She has started her PhD in the lab today. Her project will use both genetic and chemical genetic tools to investigate plant sugar signalling in Arabidopsis.

3 March 2017 Welcome to Dongjing Deng, who started his MSc in the lab this week. He will be using chemical genetic tools to investigate transcriptional responses to sugars in Arabidopsis. Good luck, Dongjing!

16 November 2016 The Melbourne-Potsdam PhD Program is now in its second year. Applications are NOW OPEN for exciting plant science joint-PhD projects (including two in my lab) between the University of Melbourne and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology in Germany. Full details here. Deadline January 8 2017.

November 2016 Mike was asked for comment for an article in New Scientist on a very interesting paper published in Science Signalling about light piping into plant roots. (Mike also had lots of nice things to say about the paper, but these were not included in the article).

4 August 2016 Mike was quoted in Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about a nice paper from Prof Stacey Harmer (UC Davis) on circadian rhythms and heliotropism in sunflowers, published in Science(No, he doesn’t speak Dutch).

17 July 2016 Mike was interview by Sami Shah for RN Sunday Extra about plant circadian rhythms.

27 May 2016 Mike helped out with this piece written by Gillian Aeria in Pursuit on sunflowers tracking the sun.

1 March 2016 Mike officially started in the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne today.

12 February 2016 A methods chapter co-written with Alex Webb (University of Cambridge) has been published in a book called Environmental Responses in Plants as part of the Methods in Molecular Biology series.

1 October 2015 Research in the lab is now also funded by The Royal Society. New plate reader arriving in a few weeks!

24 August 2015 Welcome to Heather Eastmond, who started today in the lab as a Research Technician.

5 June 2015 Adam Binns, an undergraduate student at York, has been awarded a BBSRC Research Experience Placement to work for 10 weeks in the lab over the summer.

2 June 2015  We’re looking for a new Research Technician to join the lab to work on sugar signalling. Applications close on 21 June. Full details here.

29 April 2015 Our review on nutrient homeostasis and the clock was published today in Frontiers in Plant Science.

23 March 2015 Mike is in Saõ Paolo, Brazil this week to present at a FAPESP-British Council Workshop on ‘Environmental and metabolic control of plant growth and development.’

30 September 2014 Welcome to Ángela and Waheed, who started today in the lab. BBSRC-funded project now underway!

26 June 2014 Research Technician position is now open for applications, closing on 9 July. The post is available for up to 3 years, working on a BBSRC-funded project on sugar signalling in Arabidopsis. Full details here.

 24 June 2014 Post-doctoral Research Associate position available in the lab now! This is a BBSRC-funded project, available for up to 3 years, to work on sugar signalling in Arabidopsis. Closing date for applications is 23 July, with a start-date in September. Full details here.

6 June 2014 We have been awarded a 3-year BBSRC grant to investigate sugar signalling in Arabidopsis. This means there will soon be an opportunity for a Postdoc and a Research Technician to join the lab. Watch this space for more details on how to apply.

23 April 2014 Mike wrote a blog for GARNet’s Celebrating Basic Plant Scienceseries, A sweet surprise: Revealing new roles for sugars in plants