Summer School on Neurorehabilitation

The Summer School on Neurorehabilitation 2019 took place in Parador de Baiona (Spain) from 15th to 20th of September. Each day was dedicated to a certain topic: neuromodulation, clinical, prosthetics and students day and kicked off with 2 to 4 Keynote Speakers in the field. A great effort by the keynote speakers gave the auditorium an interesting insight in each field and advances of the last two decades as well as current and future challenges. The prosthetics day was particularly of great interest for our students Ricardo and Raphael listing to Antonio Bicchi and Dario Farina showing motor synergies as well as sEMG as a Neural Interface, before Levi Hargorove showed advances in active lower limb prosthetics and Oskar Aszmann gave an insight into plastic surgery and possible ways to tackle possible amputations to deliver the best outcome for the patient.

The social program brought the group to either the Cies Islands or Santiago de Compostela to spend some more time and network with the rest of the group of students and researchers. A final gala dinner once again delivered amazing food and a great atmosphere to continue interesting talks and finishing of the week.