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  • Heroines of mathematics, Pursuit 2019, Lito Vilisoni Wilson; HTML
  • Prove it – with maths, Pursuit 2019, Daryl Holland; HTML
  • The proof behind the man who knew infinity, Pursuit 2016, Jan de Gier and Michael Wheeler; HTML
  • Melbourne traffic: Trams push cars out of the slow lane on Smith Street, Collingwood, The Age, Jul 17, 2016, Adam Carey; HTML
  • Maths researchers enter the MATRIX to put Australia on the map, Australian Financial Review, Jul 4, 2016, Tim Dodd; HTML
  • Discovery for discovery’s sake pays the biggest dividends, Australian Financial Review, Sep 4, 2015, Jan de Gier and Tony Guttmann; HTML
  • Research on the roads: the trouble with traffic, International Innovation 180 (2015); HTML, PDF
  • Trams that never stop at traffic lights could be part of Melbourne’s people-moving future, ABC News, 13 February 2015, Loretta Florence; HTML
  • Melbourne trams may never have to stop at traffic lights, under VicRoads plan The Age, 13 February 2015, Marissa Calligeros; HTML
  • Applying physics to better traffic flow, The Australian, Australian IT, 17 January 2012, Jennifer Foreshew; PDF.
  • Going places: why better traffic lights make better sense, The Conversation (19 December 2011), J. de Gier and T.M. Garoni; HTML.
  • Ending traffic jams, Voice 7(12) (2011), Sally Sherwen; HTML.
  • Conference registration deadlines (2010), J. de Gier, and J. Links; PDF
  • Maths Matters: Back to the future, Austms Gazette 35(2) (2008), 79–83, J. de Gier; PDF