My research focusses on quantum integrability in the contexts of

  • Quantum spin chains with long-range interactions (Heisenberg, Inozemtsev, Haldane–Shastry),
  • Quantum many-body systems (Calogero–Sutherland, Ruijsenaars),
  • Classical statistical-mechanical lattice models (six-vertex, elliptic solid-on-solid),

as well as the associated

  • Quantum algebra (quantum groups, affine Hecke algebras),
  • Diagrammatic methods (a picture is worth a thousand words), and
  • Orthogonal polynomials (Jack, Macdonald).

More broadly I am interested in mathematical physics: the interplay between mathematics and theoretical physics. This includes quantum field theory, both ordinary and supersymmetric (I like N=2); in fact, that is where my interest in quantum integrability started: see my MSc thesis for theoretical physics.

See also the events that I have participated in or check out my questions and answers on MathOverflow, Mathematica.SE and other StackExchange sites.

Last update: 18 Oct ’20