Teaching and supervision

I am the co-supervisor of Paul Zinn-Justin’s PhD student Ajeeth Gunna. Recently I remotely co-supervised Rob Klabber’s MSc student Simon Lentz (KTH Stockholm). I am also the co-supervisor of Hjalmar Rosengren’s PhD student Linnea Hietala (Chalmers and University of Gothenburg), see also here.

Below you can find a more detailed description of my pedagogical experience. See also these other activities that I have been involved in.


For simplicity I keep using the seasons of the Northern hemisphere.

  • Fall 2020–Spring 2021: co-supervising Rob Klabber’s MSc student Simon Lentz (KTH Stockholm)
  • Spring 2020–present: co-supervising Paul Zinn-Justin’s PhD student Ajeeth Gunna
  • Fall 2019: assisting the MSc course Exactly Solvable Models taught by Paul Zinn-Justin
  • Spring 2019: teaching assistant for Schur functions and Schur processes, taught by Ole Warnaar, and Quantum integrability and symmetric polynomials taught by Paul Zinn-Justin at the Virginia Integrable Probability Summer School 2019


Utrecht U

As a PhD candidate

During my master’s studies I assisted various Bachelor courses in physics and mathematics. I also taught at SSL in Leiden, preparing high-school students for their final exams in mathematics.


Last update: 18 May ’21